Brown bear wins the battle of life and death for the first time in seven years

Toronto Maple Leaf 2-4 Boston brown bear

Maple leaf of the home battle started first, with Morgan Riley taking the lead, but then the scene was completely controlled by brown bear. Two minutes later, marchamp forced to draw, and Kruger used the force to fight against the super score at the end of the festival. In the second quarter, debrisce’s goal left maple leaf two goals behind in the home match. Although Matthews started to pull back a city in the third quarter to give hope to the home team, maple leaf, which could not be leveled, was finally scored short handball by marchan. After losing the home match 2-4, he entered the series to snatch seven.

After scoring goals in this game, Matthews, a maple leaf player, has scored in four consecutive postseason games, equalling his own postseason scoring record. He is also the third player in maple leaf’s history to score goals in more than four games in a row in the playoffs.

641 (5)

Matthews is also the first maple leaf player to score five goals in a series of playoffs since 2004.

Brown bear and maple leaf have become the third pair in NHL’s history to meet in the playoffs for two consecutive seasons and both have won the seven.

Vikings hire former packer defense coordinator keppers

DOM capers returned to the League of nations.

On Monday, the Vikings hired him as a senior defense assistant. Capers has experience as a head coach and coordinator and held the same position at Jaguar last season.


From 2009 to 2017, capers served as the defense coordinator of the packer, winning a super bowl with the team and entering the League of Nations Championship three times. Further on, capers served as defense coordinator for Steelers, jaguars and dolphins. The successful defense team also gave him two coaching opportunities.

In 1995, capers became the first head coach of the Panther, and led the team into a league championship. In 2001, he was hired as a Texan coach again. In the eight years of coaching in these two places, he has achieved 48-80 results.

It will also be capers’ 33rd year in the NFL, adding to the Viking’s reputation last season as the fifth lowest scoring defensive team.

Billy Porter’s appearance at the Oscars

February 10, 2020: the 92nd Oscar in the United States is in progress, and there are many stars on the scene. American actor Billy Porter also appeared at the scene, which is still a “cross gender” exaggerated dress. The appearance attracted the attention of people on the scene.

Billy Porter was wearing a metal feather vest that day, with exaggerated metal texture and bright gold, the whole person looked sparkling. The lower body is a long oil painting skirt, with golden high heels on. It looks different when wearing it. Billy Potter is the only scenery in every activity.


At the age of 50, he also set himself free completely and became himself bravely. Every time Billy Potter appeared, he was very impressed. His beard and skirt were very harmonious with each other. He was confident and smiling in front of the camera.

It is understood that Billy Porter is an actor in Hollywood. Before that, he played some small roles in Broadway all the year round. In 2013, Billy Porter played “Lola” in the famous Broadway musical “Queen of boots”, a black cross dresser who was discriminated against and not understood by people, and finally he was able to face up to himself and shine on the stage.

It is understood that Billy Porter is an actor in Hollywood. Before that, he played some small roles in Broadway all the year round. In 2013, Billy Porter played “Lola” in the famous Broadway musical “Queen of boots“, a black cross dresser who was discriminated against and not understood by people, and finally he was able to face up to himself and shine on the stage.

And Billy Potter’s appearance is all innovation, a different existence. He also often ignores the eyes of the outside world, but chooses to be brave, and this is not to make a living “forced” to wear. Billy also has his own opinions on fashion, and as a transgender, he often takes his boyfriend to various occasions.

Refusing to come back, the Lakers clippers are in a hole!

Free agent Darren collison has decided not to return to the NBA this season and plans to remain retired, according to ESPN. It’s reported that the Lakers and Clippers are pursuing Corleone, but Corleone told the league that it’s not a good time for him to return. Sources said it was unclear whether or when he would make a decision to return. It also means that the Lakers’ hopes for reinforcements are dashed!


In 2018-19 season, Collinson field can get 11.2 points, 3.1 rebounds, 6 assists and 1.4 steals, with a three-point shooting rate of 40.7%.

Collison, who played for the Pacers last season, was shocked when he announced his retirement at the age of 32 last summer. So when he announced that he wanted to come back after the All-Star game, many teams were willing to throw olives at him, and after collison’s own selection, two Los Angeles teams: the Lakers and Clippers became his intention team.

Before the mid-season trade deadline, the Lakers have been eager to introduce an offensive organizer. There are two ways to attract them, one is to complete the trade, the other is to wait for Darren collison to join!

The heat’s visiting King Butler & Hiro and others lack of war

February 8, according to the heat official tweet, Butler received an MRI today, the examination results show that his shoulder injury is not serious, but he will be absent from today’s game with the king.

In addition, the heat’s Hiro will not play because of ankle injury, new aid igodara, Solomon hill, Claude is also expected to be missing.

This morning at 11 o’clock, the heat will be away against Dalglish


Lemeshue leads the team to play the counterattack clarion call, Yankee’s first playoff reversal of the two cities

On October 5, MLB Major League of American professional baseball ushered in the American League Division Series, and the American League Central champion Shuangcheng team challenged the American League East champion Yankees away. In the second half of the three innings, the two cities team with the leading advantage in the first three innings was reversed. With the deepening of the game, the Yankee line continued to attack and win.

641 (5)

Data highlights

In terms of the two cities, Poland Cobo showed an excellent hand feeling in the match, with two points scored in two of the three in this match; in terms of Yankees, lemeshu scored five points and three in this match, with four points scored to help the team complete the anti super game.

Yankee starter Paxton lost 3 points in 8 triples in 4.2 innings. On the contrary, barrios of Shuangcheng lost 3 points in 4 innings, but only 1 point was the responsibility point.

No one’s playing center after the big deal? Don’t look down on this talent. Physical talent is no worse than Capella

On February 5, there was a big deal in the NBA. The Timberwolves, the Rockets, the Nuggets and the eagles completed the four party deal. From the perspective of the Rockets, they sent Capella, Nene, Gerard green and a first round (the first round in 2020) to coventon, Jordan bell and a second round (the first one in 2024, originally from the Warriors). After the deal, the Rockets got coventon, the league’s top 3D player, but lost the starting center “pie emperor” Capella, who has been entrusted with important tasks in the past few seasons.


Capella has grown into a first-line player for the Rockets in the past few seasons. Although the function is single, but in the end of the interior line and the basket, he is very competent. In addition, the Rockets have always needed such a mobile center to adapt to the fast attack and defense rhythm of the Rockets. But because of some special reasons, now the Rockets boss fertitita’s financial situation is in crisis, so he ordered a deal to avoid paying luxury tax. So we see that in five years, 90 million Mr. pancakes have been sent away.

After the big deal, the rocket’s external firepower will be more fierce. If Tucker is allowed to top the starting position five, then the rocket’s lineup is really “five short deaths”. If there is no follow-up signing or trading, then the Rockets’ starting lineup is likely to be No. 1 and No. 2 for Hardon and Wes young, No. 3 for Gordon, No. 4 for coventon, and No. 5 for Tucker. This set of lineup, the tallest, is actually a newly traded coventon with a height of 205cm.

The color of oil painting should be free and free as a song

He got rid of the shackles of reproduction, and through the treatment of body planarization, the color blocks of the picture were juxtaposed to enhance the expressive force of color. Refining and summarizing the originality of Jiangnan, aesthetic elements are revived harmoniously in the picture; he attaches great importance to sketching and cherishes the fresh feelings obtained in sketching. — Preface


Shen Xinggong was born in Ningbo, Zhejiang Province in 1943. Painter. In 1966, he graduated from the Department of fine arts of Nanjing Art College, and in 1981, he graduated from the oil painting major of Nanjing Art College. He has lectured in the United States and Japan. Member of China Artists Association, executive director of China oil painting society, director of Jiangsu Oil Painting Research Association.

Shen Xinggong has gained a new insight in the creation of landscape and still life painting, that is, he can deal with the schema of the picture more freely and at will, and can show his aesthetic interest more fully. In the early 1990s, his works, such as Nanxun ancient town, Wannan mountain village, blue distant mountain, breeze in the countryside and still life in yellow, represented his new aesthetic pursuit and painting style: mainly choosing the theme of scenery and still life, expressing his inner feelings through color language. In the works of this period, we can feel the painter’s poetic love for Jiangnan. Whether it is the remote hillside, river, or the nearby houses and villages, these elements rich in the beauty of the south of the Yangtze River are revived harmoniously in the picture through the refinement and generalization of the painter’s ingenuity;