Did the Lakers really miss out on potential stars?

After the transaction, various ratings, online ratings, and in-depth discussions on the ratings between trading teams, I saw a lot of articles on Huff, ah, yes, yes. Yes, there are some misunderstandings about the rating of the transaction between the Lakers and the clippers, the transaction of the rockets and the 76ers. Well, let’s have a discussion. We can see that the most heated discussion is still about the Lakers. 20% off, this deal, eat with pursed mouth. It’s been very good recently, right? Especially when James was injured. Ah, McGee can’t play. In the case of Rondo and James team, Bartz played very well. Ah, in the last few games, he also cut 20 and nearly won the game. Thanks to the contribution of the mouth, right, that’s it.


Potential, new star, ah, is it a pity that he said so? Well, we have already talked about it before, ah, in-depth discussion, and maybe we talked about it in a hurry. Ah, there are a lot of teams, but there are no details. So we will sort out this matter for the big family. Ha ha, the Laker team, how does it come up with an idea, just like playing chess. We say that playing chess, playing chess and so on. We have some friends. He can only focus on the next step, how to go next, and what’s the long-term point

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