Durant came in the next two seasons

Kuri’s 73 win is the best record in history. So it’s a logical thing for me to be on the stage of history and play forbidden areas. It’s also a matter of course for me to step forward on the basis of the top ten in history on the basis of the tenth. Ah, it’s a little hard to talk about. I can’t drink a mouthful of water. So, if I didn’t win the championship in the second season, the historical opportunity would have been lost after Durant came in the next two seasons. All the flowers, honors, applause, we didn’t say that Durant ended up there, but it was also distributed by the average Xi Shi. Well, for curry, history is also a comparison. It’s a pity that this kind of tragic hero ah, if there is no Durant.


If 1516 is a successful season, curry will surely leave a strong mark in history, and it will be remembered by future generations of history for a long, long and long period of time. Therefore, our comments on historical superstars are all. In this program and last program, how much do you think your superstar can play.

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