Is it a leading role or a supporting role?

Now mirodyc has just come here. There are not a few games yet, so we should focus on the next 20 Nagasaki, but everything.

Only when Lopez and Miluo area are on the court at the same time, we can see how high the attack efficiency is if we can say that if the attack efficiency is very high, we can say that the manager in the East can be said. As well as the eastern championship, the bear team is the only one. Oh, I’ll take a look at it, but it can’t be. It’s easy to attract people’s attention because you play so well. You have such a good set of tactics. Ah, it’s easy to be attacked by opponents in the playoffs. Ah, er, it’s me who predicts in advance. Er, this kind of thing is basically included in the team’s tactical manual, which is definitely a more advanced playing method in the team’s tactical manual, which makes people feel scared. This playing method is not a major secret. Let’s take a look, ah, or to match Mirotic and Lopez at the same time. Ah, well, the Eastern teams are very strong now. They are all, er, exotic teams, which are different from the ordinary teams and other teams in the public opinion League.


Well, yes, ah, this team is bucks. This team is unique in the league. It is different from any other team. So we should focus on the key points. Go to this and understand it. Because the championship of the eastern conference is not very good, it is not very good to understand. Technology.

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