Lemeshue leads the team to play the counterattack clarion call, Yankee’s first playoff reversal of the two cities

On October 5, MLB Major League of American professional baseball ushered in the American League Division Series, and the American League Central champion Shuangcheng team challenged the American League East champion Yankees away. In the second half of the three innings, the two cities team with the leading advantage in the first three innings was reversed. With the deepening of the game, the Yankee line continued to attack and win.

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Data highlights

In terms of the two cities, Poland Cobo showed an excellent hand feeling in the match, with two points scored in two of the three in this match; in terms of Yankees, lemeshu scored five points and three in this match, with four points scored to help the team complete the anti super game.

Yankee starter Paxton lost 3 points in 8 triples in 4.2 innings. On the contrary, barrios of Shuangcheng lost 3 points in 4 innings, but only 1 point was the responsibility point.

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