Modern basketball positioning is not clear

While updating the program, we are also watching the game, so now the Pacers play 91-89 against Celtic in three quarters, which is one goal. Ah, it’s quite popular, and it’s similar to our anticipation. I think it’s also necessary to reach the final moment. Well, if the last minute can’t be reached, it’s also about three minutes. Most of the priest walkers are weak in attack and rely on Bogdanovic. The rest depends on defending the Celtic team’s attack, that is, relying on Owen alone, the overall organization is that there are no hands, so close to hofford, how old and strong he can be next year, I don’t know, so the contribution of Celtic team is quite troublesome, you don’t know.


How to build this team? Well, unlike this lone ranger chick, there is a thing whose spray function can be organized, so the team is very well established, very clear, um, an organization structure, and such a team can be a great success. Compared with Tatum, it’s the crazy performance of the first year, the excellent performance. But now, you can see that its quality is like this. Can you cultivate a player who controls the whole situation? Not necessarily

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