No one’s playing center after the big deal? Don’t look down on this talent. Physical talent is no worse than Capella

On February 5, there was a big deal in the NBA. The Timberwolves, the Rockets, the Nuggets and the eagles completed the four party deal. From the perspective of the Rockets, they sent Capella, Nene, Gerard green and a first round (the first round in 2020) to coventon, Jordan bell and a second round (the first one in 2024, originally from the Warriors). After the deal, the Rockets got coventon, the league’s top 3D player, but lost the starting center “pie emperor” Capella, who has been entrusted with important tasks in the past few seasons.


Capella has grown into a first-line player for the Rockets in the past few seasons. Although the function is single, but in the end of the interior line and the basket, he is very competent. In addition, the Rockets have always needed such a mobile center to adapt to the fast attack and defense rhythm of the Rockets. But because of some special reasons, now the Rockets boss fertitita’s financial situation is in crisis, so he ordered a deal to avoid paying luxury tax. So we see that in five years, 90 million Mr. pancakes have been sent away.

After the big deal, the rocket’s external firepower will be more fierce. If Tucker is allowed to top the starting position five, then the rocket’s lineup is really “five short deaths”. If there is no follow-up signing or trading, then the Rockets’ starting lineup is likely to be No. 1 and No. 2 for Hardon and Wes young, No. 3 for Gordon, No. 4 for coventon, and No. 5 for Tucker. This set of lineup, the tallest, is actually a newly traded coventon with a height of 205cm.

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