Now the Spurs and the thunder are still there

In this case, you have to pay a heavy price. You have to be very serious. You have to show your strength in every game to defeat the opponent. You can’t give the opponent any chance. Now the Spurs and the thunder are still there.

The thunder team, I think it’s right. It’s like two less games or two more games for the Spurs. Ah, one thing, uh, one less loss and one more loss for the Spurs. In fact, there is still a little distance.

Not like what is said on the Internet, ah, if you want to copy thunder like thunder, you will fall into the final fatigue, because many teams are actually playing in this position, they are very tired and busy, so, er, in many cases, they all choose to take turns, and he did not take the exam. You can see that the Spurs and the Trail Blazers have been playing so far. You can also see that the record is still good or not. In this case, the rocket thunder above you is a little careless, so you have to fall down and go to work.

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