O’Neal is so big

I talk about some of these things, ah, all of us, once we talk about the technical issues, once we break away from the rules, then all these discussions are feeble, they are bullshit, I will say. How can you discuss tactics under the premise of bullshit and no rules? There is no comparability between technology and tactics. It is unfair for all players to compare in the same dimension. We only emphasize one point, 1.1 novelty.


As long as you have this skill, you can play all over the league is your advantage. You don’t need to make any changes. Just like Jordan, when he was young, he could fly around in the sky. This is his attack weapon and killing weapon. When he is old and can’t fly, he can develop his backyard. It’s the same with head down and back hitting Kobe, right? You say O’Neal is so big that you ask him to practice three-point, do you need it? Oh, you want you, let him go, cheat three-point. He stands outside the three-point line and throws three-point. He wants to come with a weight of more than 200 Jin, 300 Jin and 330 pounds. Why, ah, he doesn’t sit inside and runs outside to invest. Crazy, right? James, it’s the same. James has a breakthrough. His breakthrough is his killing weapon, but when he’s old, he can’t move. You know, you’re so protruding in every game

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