Since he didn’t get Anthony Davis

You can turn forward. How many faces are there? You can spell it carefully. Can you go to see if it is completely consistent with our prediction, right? I flipped it, because the title only has 30 words. Sometimes, it is also the title, which is eye-catching.


In fact, this is a complete or condensed portrayal of my, um, this content, right? 1400, 1347 and 1343 seem to be in February. Well, the title seems to be like this. The poor performance of Magic Johnson. The second one is Wharton. He should roll up his bedding and get off. It’s the countdown class. Basically, it’s about the two shows. You can listen to 1317. About 1343, magician Johnson made it clear that he was right. Since he didn’t get Anthony Davis, this position is not guaranteed. He should go away. But the last eight times, it’s really time. It’s very face saving. Cheerleading has been delayed for two months. Finally, I can’t help it. Wharton, I think, should get out of here too. The Lakers will come up with good results next year. Wharton won’t go away. I told you that if you can’t play well, James won’t tolerate it, unless you get the big three, then we’ll say something else.

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Harden burns with confidence!

Madness is the explosion of self-confidence. Ah, so harden is also the most scoring person in the post Jordan era and post Kobe era. Don’t say one of them, right? The average length is 36 points. It’s too terrible and terrible.


That’s even more than Kobe Bryant got in those years. You can see countless 40 plus 50 plus right to 35 points 36 points. The United States and the United States turn out to be 356 points. 356 points are common practice. Today, Hadden saw 356 points, 356 points. Er, you can see that the team star Carter has 25 points. 28 points, 30 points, 25 points, 28 points, which is normal. Even if it is more than 30 points, even if it is high, right? If harden cuts down 36 points, 40 points and 50 points, he will feel aesthetic fatigue. In the end, you will think that he is aesthetic fatigue, but ah, you can see. Harden’s ability now reflects incisively and vividly. Of course, in some games, this suspected brush data has also reached 40, 4 and 4 hit rates. Ah, it’s also suspected of brushing data, right? But generally speaking, it can hurt every game. With so many balls, you can see how powerful its core is. Not everyone can try. You can throw 256 balls. Not everyone can do this. Every time you add 20 shots per game, right? And make so many fouls. These fouls are all shots.

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Brown no two!

Man, I just want to ask if class shouldn’t be over? Last year, we said we played 76ers and 76ers against Celtics, right? Last year’s program can be found out, that is, the coach who should be fired. This summer, he also got a contract, which is unimaginable, boss.

There’s something wrong with the head. It’s insane. It’s really insane. It’s cheated. The parallel coach should be a jerk. Incompetent. It should be about coach Brown’s title. It’s worth saying that I’ve got a contract to go to the kings. Fei is also a transitional period. You don’t expect Wodun to lead the kings to rise suddenly. Ah, it’s not going to bring the dying back to life. These are transitional coaches. What’s a transitional coach? Bring a generation of young people. Isn’t it right? After years of high ranking draft right, and then change and hire a good coach. It’s such a thing to start playing in the playoffs. So why do we need to change coaches? Is it right for one person to change coaches. There’s nothing to say about the game, or the previous arguments, that is, er, you don’t expect this Bo warm to replace the role of enbede. If you want to use an athlete like Boban, you must use its height to the fullest extent to make up for it.


His weak points are many, right? The big one doesn’t have the ability to protect himself. His moving speed is extremely slow. Isn’t he slow? It’s too bad. His height is so high that he stands out from the crowd. In the NBA, one hand should cover the sky. This is the ordinary person in the NBA. Basically, one hand covers the sky. This is the state of dark clouds covering the sun, isn’t it? However, it’s a year to mix the East with the west, and no one here or there should use it

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the Curie Troika have purchased

When you usually compete, everyone is full of physical strength in the first quarter, right? You do the five little death fight. If you want to die, it’s not the death of five small you, then commit suicide and then commit suicide. In the case of the same volume and full space, you can’t walk without his physical advantages. If you want him to take his own high-quality sports, he will lose everything, that is, he will consume himself.


Yes, at this time, in the third quarter and the fourth quarter, when the athlete’s physical fitness was exhausted, he died five hours later. Why, the warriors were in the tacit agreement of the third quarter, and began to play waves of wave after wave on the head of the fourth quarter, and the air wave gave the other party decadence. Why can we do this? Why, in the case of replacing the big Bogut in the inner line Forest. After coming up, the warriors, on the contrary, played better, not because Green’s defense was so good, ah, but because of how excellent curry and Thomson were. Moreover, it was not one person, a super three-point shooter, two at the same time in the warriors, which made it difficult to play, which caused him. Ahead of the league, this tactical play, the superiority of the whole league, ah, as long as your big brothers have not killed me and isolated, I have killed you. I’ve got your heart in my heart. I’m afraid I can’t defend you even if I shoot three three three points. I’ll give you two points, two points and two minutes I can’t hit you. Right? Then you can only guard against the outside line. The inside line brother comes down. If not, the outside line is to follow the warrior’s rhythm. This is called following the warrior’s rhythm. If curry and Thomson are good enough, ah, the troika, the green Thompson, and the Curie Troika have purchased the warrior system. This system is quite similar.

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NBA cobbler in the face moment!

This netizen lost confidence in thunder and lost the future. This episode turned forward a few episodes and left a message below saying, “Er, when we are all shooting this season, let’s talk about the content first.”. It’s like this. Ah, we had one season in the middle of the season. Ah, the whole season was about ah, the Spurs and the Blazers were goalkeepers in the west, and what he said was the original words. Then the thunder and the Blazers swept the Blazers 4-0 in the regular season. We looked at the defeat and had a fight.


Baoneck thunder team, um, look at Wally Dudley, 50 plus 3 points, shoot in the face, er well, let’s first let you hit twice, Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa, after that, we’ll talk about it. You hit the wrong person, you’ve gone to the wrong door. I’m not NBA, cobbler. Well, the first thing to say is that we’ve been talking about the Spurs and the Blazers as goalkeepers in the West all season. If you can find out, we’ve said this, you can post more than 1500 episodes. As we said, the Spurs and the Blazers, yes, the west, the goalkeeper, ah, we’ll swallow the NBA cobbler, ah, I offer a reward to us, now we’ll offer a reward of 100 yuan, 100 yuan is too little, 100 yuan is not enough time, 300 yuan is going to be born, Congratulations, 300 yuan, you give me. Come out. Do what some people look for. I’ll tell you that I will never express it like this. Ah, I will never express it like this. Is it possible? It is possible that 1% 1%. I said that the Spurs, and the pioneers, are, the west, the touchstone, how can they become, and whether the goalkeeper has.

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Simmons, eat a few fouls

Not to mention defense, I don’t say defense, the amount of Simmons will not go to the tube, the amount is large, ah, I tell you Simmons will not go to the management of the fight, why, because Simmons to save use, I have to save the use of large is a reason Simmons to play two. The two teams think that Simmons and Peter Simmons and the two parties are Bao. They think they are. Bao knows. They are all treasure. Indeed, Leonard, when Simmons is in charge with the ball, ah, if I’m a coach, I won’t do that, Jim Butler. I go on, I’m Jimmy Butler is, er, the engineer of this organization, you give me, sing, give me a bunker, accept you give me the mine, cut off the bad comments, right, Jimmy Butler to see this thing come more quiet, can mail more efficient. Even higher, what if Simmons is broken up by both parties? Ah, this offensive ability of Li Xiaona, ah, Simmons, eat a few fouls, then go down to the organization, the core will not be afraid, panic, ah, Jimi Butler, eat two fouls can continue to fight.

It doesn’t matter. If you can’t, you can go to TB, right


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The Western emperor who is beyond his capacity!

Thunder, the third and fourth game of the team began to change, up to three as high as three high ah, with the strength of Kanter and Adams, host two to push out not to let him in, not to let him turn over the jump shot, ah, press his left hand to keep him away from the basket, let him go to throw long distance. Alder, Ritchie doesn’t have a range of two-dimensional three-dimensional. The range of the athlete is limited. It’s a fixed range. After 30 knives, Durant is liberated. Go, control, Leonard, limit. Leonnard goes on like this and plays like this before the thunder team uses three.

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Strategy ah, killed, Mars team to reverse the Spurs this league ah, want to prevent Leonard few, but absolutely not Simmons such athletes competition, we did not look back to see how Simmons was beaten by that, this is the lesson, you use such beam, then he will beat you again. What’s more, Leonard’s attack ability is who will organize when the killing Simmons will eat more than one point for a foul. After you go to McConnell, Daniel Green can host you again. This idiot is closely linked with each other, and the 76 man team is written in every way. It’s very hard for the stomach

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Alexander the buck!

76 pregnant raptors, ah C competition. Well, yesterday, I also said that after today’s competition, I didn’t say anything about it. I told you what we saw better. I can’t predict, right? Then I’ll tell you something. Celtic and reindeer haven’t talked about it systematically. So, some netizens have left messages for us. It seems that some fans think that 70 million yuan in four years is good. I don’t think I know why these fans are. But this idea, if you really think it’s OK, then you stick to your point of view. If it’s troublemaking, it’s for pandas to make trouble. This kind of bad idea is also very annoying. It’s a matter of fact, if it’s really easy to use, then the Suns were the Suns.


That’s why so many people can’t fight, right? Is it easy to use? Is it really easy to use? It’s really powerful, right? It’s just a joke. I think it’s a joke. Then we talk about its cost-effectiveness, that is to say, in 1750 years. Ah, the four-year contract, 70 million, can only discuss a cost-effective issue. Whether the player is good or not, whether the player is good or not is still too early for you, because there are so many tall players in a strong team.

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The later one is like Durant

What two people have seen is only in a certain ball or a certain area. Now there is big data to make statistics. Is it right? When we call video analysts or data on this basketball court, right. Big data, come and analyze the player. He is not allowed to shoot anywhere. You can’t see the space on the court. It’s a huge workload to open one ball at a time. Maybe after the game, or through these foreign media reports, there are first-hand information about our domestic anchor. What kind of analysis ability do these anchors have? Ah, because you said that they are all translated by the north, according to the on-screen foreign media.


Well, a copy of translate1, and I’ll exchange it for you. Well, it’s no level. It’s really no level. You have to understand it by yourself. You have to look at it on your own. With years of experience, you can only rely on yourself. This piece of crap is listening to them. You’re miserable. Unless, you can find, a, quite, er, quite high level, ah, you follow or, yes, you know, otherwise, your recognition ability will be worse and worse, and it will have a negative effect. Therefore, the defense even needs to use this method. This kind of strategy is the conventional strategy. The conventional routine is to move like this. There is no other way to think about it. Ah, you can try today’s effect. OK, then when it’s not good, we have to change it. The third one is that we play zero to two today, and we’ll tell you later. The third one, how to do it? I have to change the car to the third one. The later one is like Durant. Yesterday, d’antony said Durant defends Durant. Well, tell me what to do. If you have any way, give me one second.

What a mockery, a word, a taunt, some evil ah, this media let the media people so tailor, ah, ridicule their ignorance, right? This is no question. You don’t need to ask him, and he won’t tell you that he has or? You must have had such a question.

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Hallucination alliance!

You have to say slow, under the circumstances, he is not quick, waiting for the bus is not fast, the key is that he suddenly called him, suddenly is harden, when he is holding the ball, you can’t make sure whether he wants to break through or throw three points, the first point and the second point can be predicted, oh, this is what you can predict, right? You put it in, you can let it in if you don’t prevent him It doesn’t matter if he goes in, right? Just in case he steps back, you can defend against the Jazz team Rubio. It’s also a way to defend. But the problem is, Hadden, after he starts dribbling, remember to watch it yourself.


Go to see you watch Hadu. You can see if I’m right. When Haden starts dribbling, he will go back and forth. He will cry for a while, and then he will cry. Generally speaking, there is no player like this. Hadun’s dribbling is very good, very good, and he will be back and forth. You don’t know what he’s going to do, unless you’re strong willed. I’m like Rubio. I’m after the house. No, if you want to go forward, go ahead. I don’t care. I don’t care. You’ll get him. You will be tossed back and forth by him. Some fans say it’s OK not to eat it. If not, it’s a subconscious reaction of people, unless you’re very determined, right, unless you’re mentally slow, ah, slow, players, you. No, it’s his way

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