That’s what Garnett used to get the MVP

Kunbo led the bucks to the first place in the league. This kind of data can not be described as abnormal. 27 points, 12 rebounds, six assists. What data? That’s what Garnett used to get the MVP. Let’s say the letter, song, his version of his model is that Garnett is better than Garnett. The organization of the earth is quite terrible.

Garnett was in the forest when wolves played as a small forward. Later, he caught power forward. The four big front fingers are Duncan, webbra, Sid Wallace and Nowitzki. These four men are Garnett, followed by D. The ancients, many people think that Nowitzki is the fifth man. In fact, it’s a mistake. It’s a wrong concept.

Garnett is in the forest. Wolves play small forward. He’s two meters tall. I remember he’s a high school player. He can’t play in this position. You’re too tall. Well, either you can’t play, or you have the ability to play No. 4. You can play No. 4 for me, or even play the position of center. It’s hard for Garnett to top O’Neal. He doesn’t want to play in the era when center is rampant.

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