the Bucks keep the first

It’s not as fast as it was in the early and middle of the season. Now it’s 38.9 points per game. Well, there are 37 points ahead. I can see that it has dropped to 36.2. If there are not 50 players in the next few games, you can’t reach it. But you don’t want to talk about it. If you want to surpass Jordan or something like that, if you want to lag behind, you can say 37 minutes, 0.8 points, 60 games, then you have to earn how much you have to earn. If you calculate the 60 winning games, 48 points are less than 48 points, 68.48 um, so you say, um. There are 14 games in which each game has to earn 5 points more than 3 7 points, 37 points and 5 points. How many 40 points? It’s too late. It’s too late for you to take good care of them. It’s too late. I personally think that harden is basically in the competition of MVP. As long as the Bucks keep the first record in the league, the alphabet and Kunbo are playing a relatively stable data. Under the new MVP, alphabet song, horror, 90% of the new team may be lower, and 10% is basically unable to be said.


But you can also listen to our tone to confirm that the 10% probability of harden is almost powerless to fight.

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