the Spurs Duncan spanked David Robinson.

He didn’t play the original set of role, ah, the original set of attack or defense is completely two teams, kabela went down the Rockets play is no forward lineup played another set of tactics, she copied fario, how can he replace. Card, Bella, how to get a punch machine to pull the butt you see, now at the same time two people on the field for a long time, d’antony himself, said today in the tiger flop saw, hit or not in the face who hit who in the face, right? Is that what we say is that the Spurs Duncan spanked David Robinson.


Do you spank the bag? Spank the museum? There are so many centers on the Spurs team, so many centers. One or two 7788 can’t be called. There are so many centers. In the end, Mazda played a dead corner in the last 5 minutes and 8 minutes. Duncan played the No.5 position as the center, right. Or it’s GDP, Ginobili, we say the year of the champion lineup, the years of the champion lineup, right? Um, this, this, this, Michael Finley, and Paris, um, ah, ripple, right? Robert holly. This Ginobili Harper, so many people will change four positions. Let these people all change these four positions. Duncan will never change. The other four people will change Parker. The other few people will change. Right? Play this lineup. Whose substitute do you think Duncan is playing? Duncan give them some. Garbage center Ah Wei first sent to them to play substitutes? The lineup has undergone structural changes to return who’s backup? Capellape’s playing ah, I’m sorry, the punch card of the material distribution is spanked? It’s not a concept at all. His role on the field

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