There is no player

The world’s best performance will be mentioned before the broadcast and before the start of the games. The best performance of the Olympic Games is who, who, in which year and how much to maintain. The most important world record represents the best in the world.


Almost all the records are heavy or not. Ah, through this matter, you know that it’s not important to remember the weight? There is no operation without record in hand. What can you boast about? What do you blow with hunger? So we said, ah, there is no record in Kobe’s hand. You can go there. I can go and look at the best. Even if you are in the team, you are the second. Why is there Chamberlain? Because there is Zhang Shuai. So we can go and have a look. Today, the market has risen and come out again. There is no player. It has reached a new height. These historical old people, these ancient animals, come out and yell. Wei Shao, today, 20 plus 210 rebounds and 21 assists. I remember correctly, this is the first person in 20 + 20 + 20 51 years. What is the first person in 51 years? It’s not the first person in more than 70 years. Why ha ha? Because the one with Chamberlain can’t come out. The first person in 51 years is another person in 50 years, isn’t he.

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