Under the situation that the previous mutual achievements are equal

Ahead of time, meet with the warriors, so that the warriors can fight for opportunities and time for the Rockets in the war of attrition and the war of attrition in the playoffs. This is very important. Now, don’t worry. Thunder may go to the eighth episode.

Well, er, I haven’t calculated this, because, er, I haven’t studied the situation that the annual competition system has been changed in the past two years, so I just judge by common sense. Under the situation that the previous mutual achievements are equal, it’s possible for the thunder team to judge who is in the front and who is in the back. Tonight’s news, there may be many, ah, foreign media reported that there is an accurate answer, so the domestic media, for translation, ha, very low.

You know, for this kind of translation, it’s very, very low that they don’t have the ability to read the manual, just copy it outside. So our domestic soldiers don’t have the same quality. They don’t have professional quality. Some friends ask us if you have personal professional quality. Right? We don’t have this meal. If we have this meal, we will give it to you.

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