Vikings hire former packer defense coordinator keppers

DOM capers returned to the League of nations.

On Monday, the Vikings hired him as a senior defense assistant. Capers has experience as a head coach and coordinator and held the same position at Jaguar last season.


From 2009 to 2017, capers served as the defense coordinator of the packer, winning a super bowl with the team and entering the League of Nations Championship three times. Further on, capers served as defense coordinator for Steelers, jaguars and dolphins. The successful defense team also gave him two coaching opportunities.

In 1995, capers became the first head coach of the Panther, and led the team into a league championship. In 2001, he was hired as a Texan coach again. In the eight years of coaching in these two places, he has achieved 48-80 results.

It will also be capers’ 33rd year in the NFL, adding to the Viking’s reputation last season as the fifth lowest scoring defensive team.

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