Western playoffs are on the way!

The first round of fighting. The second-hand rim should be to play the Spurs, right? Maybe to play fast-food jazz, the second round of rockets, the West showdown of thunder. I hope it is like this. If we sum up to earn the Raptors, then we can thunder. Introduce each other fight, Durant killed three days, feel the second brother is doing his card ah, this script is better, ha ha, I think it should be such a script, hope that the Raptors will reach the finals, um, looking at someone who supports the Raptors, I hope the Raptors can achieve it.


In this finals stage, the Bucks also need to see how the first round and the second round are. If they play well, we also support it, and then it will become better. If we say that they follow the trend, they will never comment. Well, there must be some personal preferences, but they just represent the support. It doesn’t mean the real strength of this team. What position is the real strength in our hearts? Support management support is another thing. We also support the Spurs to challenge the warriors. Accident and but, ah, you can’t play, but you can’t say much about the list of commodities. You can see that there are teams and players with continuous injuries and incurable diseases. Basically, there are still 20 games left. Sometimes, he has started to rotate.

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