Heat transfer printing is a new printing process, which has been introduced into China for more than 10 years. The process printing method is divided into two parts: transfer film printing and transfer processing. The transfer film printing adopts dot printing (with a resolution of 300 dpi) to pre print the pattern on the surface of the film. The printed pattern is rich in layers, bright in color, diversified, with small color difference and good reproducibility, which can achieve the effect required by the designer and is suitable for mass production. The transfer processing is carried out by hot transfer The printing machine processes (heating and pressing) the exquisite patterns on the transfer film on the product surface. After forming, the ink layer and the product surface are integrated, lifelike and beautiful, greatly improving the product grade. The heat transfer printing process is applied to the surface of ABS, PP, plastic, wood, coated metal and other products. At present, heat transfer printing technology has been widely used in plastic, cosmetics, toys, electrical appliances, building materials, gifts, food packaging, stationery and other industries.


Reason:Principle and characteristics of heat transfer printing

The principle of heat transfer printing is to print the color pattern on the heat-resistant substrate film in advance (through the off mold treatment), and then cooperate with the special transfer equipment to transfer to the product surface by the hot stamping method. The heat transfer printing process has reliable quality, stable technology, good material formula and close cooperation with the equipment. The characteristics of heat transfer printing process: simple operation, less production process, high efficiency, no pollution, small land occupation, less investment. After printing, it has good adhesion, high glossiness, clear picture and text, accurate color matching, bright color, safe and non-toxic, and can be processed after hot stamping, such as oil injection and sandblasting, secondary injection molding, bending and punching.


According to different process,garment heat transfer stickers can be divided into high-temperature heat transfer sticker, low-temperature heat transfer sticker, foam effect heat transfer sticker,offset effect heat transfer sticker, penetration heat transfer sticker, colorful beads heat transfer sticker, hologram heat transfer sticker, flocking heat transfer sticker, reflective heat transfer sticker, gold and silver hot and water-based heat transfer sticker and others.


Clear division: different heat transfer stickers lead different rend.

High-temperature heat transfer sticker: Mainly used for cotton and blended knitted garments, such as T-shirts, pajamas and so on. The heat transfer products with good pattern effect, after heat press with soft and flexible feature.


Low-temperature heat transfer sticker: Mainly used for nylon cloth and artificial leather, such as elastic sportswear, swimwear, down jacket, sports shoes, leather gloves and so on. After heat press ,will get the same effect as high temperature heat transfer.


Foam effect heat transfer sticker: heat transfer products with this process has distinct levels and excellent elongation, and the line of pattern is clear, the color is bright.


Penetration heat transfer sticker: the ink layer of penetration heat transfer sticker is thin, after heat transfer , the clothing will get good ventilation, clear and delicate patterns and other characteristics, the overall effect is natural and realistic.


Gold and silver heat transfer: Gold and silver clothing heat transfer can make products shiny effect, can be used on knitted T-shirts, backpacks and other items.


Flock heat transfer: Fabric will appear flock effect after heat press .

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