Care Label, plays a significant role in the filed of fabric

1.What is care label?

Behind the collar of our clothes, we can see that there will be a label. This is the care label, which plays a very important role. It tells us the material of this dress, the washing method, etc., so that you can maintain your clothes more correctly.

2.What is it in the care label

On the care label, there are washing logo, bleaching logo, dry clothes logo, ironing logo, dry cleaning logo, wet cleaning logo, etc., as well as the manufacturer’s name and address, product name, model and fiber composition.

3.What materials for care label

The more common material is the wash label made of wash cloth. The synthetic material is divided into:

*Pet (polyester)

*PVC (polyvinyl chloride)

*BOPP (polypropylene)

*PE (polyethylene)

*PS (polyvinyl chloride)

*Polyimide (polyvinylamine)

These materials are more suitable, but also in line with the international ISO certification standards, environmental protection and safety, suitable for pasting clothes materials.


4.Care label heat transfer

Feature: Our label is mainly made of imported PET film material, which is very wear-resistant. It can be used outdoors for more than 4 years. It is waterproof, not easy to fall off, and environmentally safe.

Application: This heat transfer label is widely used, including clothes, shoes, bags, hats, pants, etc.

A good care label can help you better understand the material of your clothes, know how to maintain your clothes, and protect the interests of customers.



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