Heat transfer printing is a technology commonly used in modern life, but in the application process, due to the customer’s unfamiliarity with the technology, resulting in the rejection and dislike of the technology, here we will sort out some operation skills for you:

First, we need to know about the types of heat press machine.

1. According to press ways, there are two types, flat press and circle press

2. According to ways to transfer pressure, there are 3 types, pneumatic,hydraulic type and mechanical type.

Hydraulic style double station

Pneumatic style four stations

Mechanical style four stations

Secondly, let’s understand the operation process:

1.?Place the machine in a stable position. This is to ensure the safety of operation, otherwise it is easy to cause accidents.

2.?Test before operation. We need to know what kind of time and temperature is more suitable for stamping. Only after the test is successful, can we carry out batch operation.

3. About the standard of pressure

Usually 0.2kg/square centimeter is the standard. But it depends on the fabric actually. The following formula is for your reference:

Like hydraulic style : pressure/ area

For example: if the pressure is 2t, the working area is 60*80cm, so the pressure is: 2000/4800=0.417kg/cm2

4. Setting press temperature

The 4 points when we setting the temperature:

A.To read the instruction of pressing materials

B.To test the temperature tolerance of fabric

C.To know about the thickness of fabric

D. To know about the working environment like temperature, humility etc

Usually , it is based on test result to press. The way to measure the temperature, just use thermodetector (Infrared Thermometer gun) to test many times.

thermodetector (Infrared Thermometer gun)

5. Press time

It is confirmed usually based on transfer need and test many times. There is time control equipment in the press machine.

In a word, we need to think overall and check from different ways when you press so that it can make the best effect!

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