The use method of transfer sticker is: cut out the pattern to be used, then stick the hemp side flat on the model, and scrape back and forth on the front of the sticker with a burette (that is, apply pressure to transfer the sticker to the model surface)

In this process, we should pay attention to the following points: 1. Make sure that the surface of the model is a flat surface, and the parts with scribed lines are not suitable for using transfer stickers. 2. Once the stickers are fixed on the surface of the model, do not move any more, and make sure that the stickers do not move when ironing

  1. Do not touch the back of the sticker (i.e. the side where the “hemp surface” touches the model). 4. Do not touch the water of the transfer sticker. 5. Do not panic once the sticker is damaged (for example, only half of the sticker is printed). Re align the sticker according to the position. Continue ironing. The transfer sticker is very thin, and the “secondary processing” trace cannot be seen

Pure cotton is the best

Afraid of washing

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