Brown bear wins the battle of life and death for the first time in seven years

Toronto Maple Leaf 2-4 Boston brown bear

Maple leaf of the home battle started first, with Morgan Riley taking the lead, but then the scene was completely controlled by brown bear. Two minutes later, marchamp forced to draw, and Kruger used the force to fight against the super score at the end of the festival. In the second quarter, debrisce’s goal left maple leaf two goals behind in the home match. Although Matthews started to pull back a city in the third quarter to give hope to the home team, maple leaf, which could not be leveled, was finally scored short handball by marchan. After losing the home match 2-4, he entered the series to snatch seven.

After scoring goals in this game, Matthews, a maple leaf player, has scored in four consecutive postseason games, equalling his own postseason scoring record. He is also the third player in maple leaf’s history to score goals in more than four games in a row in the playoffs.

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Matthews is also the first maple leaf player to score five goals in a series of playoffs since 2004.

Brown bear and maple leaf have become the third pair in NHL’s history to meet in the playoffs for two consecutive seasons and both have won the seven.