Custom Logo Wall Decals Application Instructions

CLEAN the wall area where decal will be applied. Just water will do, but water and any mild cleanser is best.  Let the wall dry.

PEEL the decal slowly off the backing paper. Do this on a table or ask for assistance. Be careful not to rip the decal.

PLACE the decal on the wall where it will be applied. It helps to have an assistant to help you hold and position it. Use a level if needed.

NOTE: If the decal sticks to itself during application, simply peel it off slowly and carefully.

SMOOTH out any air bubbles using your hands, a squeegee or credit card.

REMOVE your decal by simply peeling it off the wall slowly and carefully from any edge.

Enjoy Your Wall Decal!

How to Make a Tote Bag out of an Old T Shirt

Do you have an old shirt that you just wish was a stylish tote bag. If you have outgrown a shirt or have a shirt that looks more like a purse than a shirt, you can easily turn it into a tote bag with a few simple steps. heat transfer for t shirts

1. Cut off the sleeves. You need to remove the sleeves of the shirt with a pair of good scissors. Remember to cut through both layers of shirt. Cut just below the shoulder seams. These will be the straps. If you started with a tank top, skip this step.

2. Turn it inside out. Lay a dinner plate across the opening of the T-shirt. It should be half on and half off. Trace around the plate with a pen.

3. Remove the plate and start cutting. You should cut along the curved line as neat as possible. Make sure the shirt is still inside out. This will be the opening.iron on transfers for t shirts

4. Draw a straight line about an inch above the hem. Make it as straight as possible. It needs to be an inch above because this will eventually become the bottom.

5. Sew with a sewing machine across the bottom. This is the bottom of the tote bag. Make sure to sew directly across the bottom line. Go over it again once or twice to make sure the seam is nice and strong.

6. Turn the shirt back to its correct position. You now have a stylish tote bag! You can use it to carry around school books, work materials, or anything.


  • Use a cotton shirt if possible.
  • This is great for your old favorite T-shirts that you have outgrown or don’t like.

Things You’ll Need

  • Scissors

  • T-shirt

  • Plate

  • Pencil

  • Ruler

  • Sewing Machine