The rise of personalized custom jersey editing

In the 21st century, with the improvement of life quality, life, leisure, health care, sports and so on are increasingly inseparable.European and American fashionable individual character dress agitation,also become popular gradually sports sports dress industry.


At this time, it can be seen that the personalized sports jersey letter number apparel market contains a vast space, and many sports logo iron on transfer apparel customization enterprises emerge at the right moment to provide personalized customized services for the vast number of consumers, including football Logo iron on decals apparel, basketball apparel, cycling apparel, tennis apparel, football apparel and so on. Customized jerseys have also become one of the important means for many European and American sports brands to promote their products.

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The advantages of customizing your jersey

1.It can meet the individual needs of various consumers.

In the traditional marketing mode, clothing vinyl letter number enterprises often carry out mass production based on simple market survey and current clothing trend forecast. The Heat logo jersey lettering produced in this mode are either not in the required size, color, or style, or the design cannot meet personal preference. And individual character is custom-built subdivide the market to individual consumer, can ask according to individual interest, if cloth chooses, design of design, color is tie-in, design, design is made to order production.

2.Reduce inventory overstock and reduce operational risks.

Under the traditional marketing model, in order to maximize profits, garment enterprises reduce product costs through mass production. Once the market changes, this mass production of clothing t shirt transfer seasy to lead to unsalable or overstock, resulting in huge losses. And custom marketing according to consumer order production, almost no inventory, greatly reduce operational risk.

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3.Conducive to product development and innovation.

Under the traditional marketing model, many designers of clothing heat transfers enterprises develop products according to their own tastes and feelings behind closed doors, and the limitations of clothing design are very large. In customized marketing, designers have many opportunities to communicate with consumers face to face and understand their actual needs. Under the guidance of consumers, they can easily develop creative products that meet their needs.


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Clothing and accessories

Clothing accessories, from the surface understanding, is in addition to the main body of fashion (jacket, pants, skirt, shoes), in order to foil a better performance effect and increase the accessories, the iron on transfers material is diverse, kinds of miscellaneous. Clothing iron on stickers accessories gradually evolved into a form of clothing expression of an extension, has become an indispensable part of the embodiment of beauty.

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Common materials for car stickers

As the body decals sticker needs to be used outdoors, it is required to be able to prevent sun and rain. Therefore, PVC or PET is usually used.


PVC products are resistant to chemical stability, oxidant, reductant and strong acid have a strong resistance. However, it can be corroded by concentrated oxidized acids such as sulfuric acid and nitric acid, and is not suitable for contact with aromatic and chlorinated hydrocarbons.


PVC has the advantages of flame self-extinguishing, wear-resisting, noise and vibration elimination, high strength, good electrical insulation, low price and wide source of materials, good air tightness, etc.

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The disadvantage of PVC is poor thermal stability, by light, heat, oxygen role is easy to aging. Most of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) plastic products use for a long time temperature should not be more than 55 ℃, but special formula of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) plastic can be long-term use of temperature of 90 ℃.


PVC is not flammable, high strength, weather resistance and excellent geometric stability, oxidant, reductant and strong acid resistance. In addition, because of its good flexibility, shrinkage and impervious to light, processing and labeling performance is good, chemical corrosion resistance, strong and durable, so suitable for long-term use in the outdoor.


PET polyester film is raw material, polyethylene terephthalate PET in relatively wide temperature range with excellent physical and mechanical properties, long-term use of up to 120 ℃ temperature, excellent electrical insulation, even under the high temperature and high frequency, its electric performance is good, but the corona resistance is poorer, non-toxic resistance, weather resistance, resistance to chemical stability, creep, fatigue resistance, frictional resistance, dimension stability is very good. Low water absorption, resistant to weak acid and organic solvents, but not heat transfers– resistant water immersion, alkali – resistant.

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The history of car bumper stickers

Car bumper stickers on April 20, 1887 held in Paris debut of the world’s first car race, racing drivers have car side must stick Ming number to identify, this is the earliest form of sticker, after a long car and motorcycle event promotion, a large number of sponsors in the car industry, car body began to appear the sponsor advertisement nature car brand sticker, such as the famous team sponsors such as marlboro, 2013 such cars post and sign, we call it a hot-rod sticker first pandemic is originated in motor racing; The great development of auto stickers originates from the rise and popularity of the automobile industry in Europe, America and Japan. Car buyers are getting younger and more personalized. Due to the influence of young personality and racing style, auto stickers are popular all over the world.homemade jersey patches

In 1985, the Hong Kong and Beijing rally opened the curtain for Chinese motor sports, and also brought the earliest car stickers for Chinese car fans. In the early days, the stickers were generally the trademarks of the sponsors and the team logos of the teams. With the rapid development of China’s automobile industry, cars are not only a means of transportation in our life, but also play a more and more important role as toys. In this era of personalized survival, car stickers have gradually become a way for car owners to interpret their own personality and taste.

The appearance of a car is equivalent to the appearance of a person, and the sticker is the most intuitive, the most eye-catching, the most simple cosmetics! People will choose makeup according to different occasions, needs and tastes. There are also many kinds of car stickers.

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car decals

car decals are stickers attached to cars, motorcycles and other vehicles to beautify them. The custom car decals made its debut on April 20, 1887, in the world’s first automobile race in Paris. Car stickers can be basically divided into three categories: sports stickers, modified stickers and personality stickers.

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