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If you love games,you must know about LOL,produced by Fist company.Recently, a major event in lol is about to begin.

As the “protagonist” of this event, MSI will appear in the audience’s field of vision very frequently. MSI’s full English name is “Mid-Season Invitational”, which was translated as the “Mid-season Invitational of the Heroes League” in 2015 and later renamed “Mid-season Championship”. As a rare international event in the hero league, the gold content of MSI is second only to the S series Finals held annually, and only the spring champions of each major competition area are eligible to participate.






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A young guy shows off in social media,attracting many fans

Byron Denton is definitely a big shot on YouTube. When he started posting pictures of his extravagant lifestyle online,thousands of fans probably thought he was a very wealthy person. However, Danton fans did not know that he was deliberately misleading them.



Danton’s next upload is a well-prepared photo of himself making an expensive Balenciaga T-shirt. In fact, he was wearing a plain black jacket on which he edited the logo design of the fashion company.




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Save the monotonous white T-shirt! Just three tricks to make your whole spring and summer trendy

As an indispensable basic item in spring and summer wardrobe, the white T-shirt with super high mirror rate is the most popular fashion item, which can be worn by everyone regardless of age and sex. However, the simpler the basic items, the more they test the matching ability. If you don’t pay attention, the passers-by may become a featureless A-E-propidine. If you don’t have facial value and air support, even the fashion trend will be defeated.


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The Raptors are back in the Eastern Finals

The NBA playoffs continued on May 13, with Leonard’s clutch shoot, the Raptors won 92-90 against 76, and the series won 4-3 over Philadelphia to advance to the Eastern Finals. In the Eastern Final, the Raptors competed against the Milwaukee Bucks.

nba (2)Infact,the Raptors  is not optimistic inG7,The 76ers had more offensive points, while the Raptors had only Leonard.Leonard was a great contributor to the Raptors’ability to win G7. In this game, Leonard hit a lot of difficult goals in the face of the 76-man team. At the end of the game, when the two sides needed a decisive draw, l (5)Leonard hit key long shots in succession to help the team lay the winning game. In the final moments, he also hit a difficult kill. Throughout the game, Leonard scored 16 of 39 shots and 2 of 9 three-point shots, scoring 41 points, 8 rebounds and 3 assists, which was Leonard’s superstar performance and helped the Raptors advance to the next round.



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timg (5)When you see Leonard’s performance like this, you will surely think of Kobe Bryant. Indeed, as Bryant once said, he would rather shoot 0 in 30 than 0 in 9, because that means you have lost confidence. This is the case with Leonard in this campaign. He not only has the belief that he will win, but also has absolute confidence in himself.