Is it really difficult to imitate and surpass those highly praised western classic oil paintings?

In 500 years of Western oil painting, there are numerous emerging oil painting masters and classic oil paintings. It’s not easy to surpass them, but it’s too much to imitate them.

Apply a slogan: it has been imitated and never surpassed.

As we all know, oil painting art began to have a rational and scientific research on light after the emergence of Impressionism. Since then, the color of oil painting style has become more rich and real, and undoubtedly has a stronger artistic appeal. Before that, even classic works such as Mona Lisa, the last supper and spring, whose delicate color expression was more limited to the category of solid color, did not show the influence of light.


Nevertheless, many people have copied or referred to the creation of Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa, which can only be imitated after all, and no one can easily surpass. In fact, the artistic height created by Mona Lisa has already stood at a peak. Even a mysterious smile can attract countless people’s fascination and exploration, let alone the amazing painting techniques in the works.

Like the Mona Lisa, there are too many classic oil paintings that have been repeatedly copied. Some of them are even so unreal that even experts can’t tell the truth. It shows that even the classic paintings with super-high artistic level can’t be imitated. What’s more, under the temptation of huge profits, there is an industry that specializes in imitating famous paintings. Imagine that Picasso’s painting once sold for 700 million yuan, and Van Gogh’s nearly 400 million yuan. The temptation is hard to resist.

MLB Hall of fame

January 22 – the league today released the results of ballwriters’ Association of America’s vote for Hall of fame. Derek Jeter, a former Yankee captain in New York, got 396 votes, just one vote short of the full vote, while Larry walker, a former rookie outfielder in Colorado, got 304, just past the hall of fame threshold in the last year of the hall of fame.

Kit’s turnout rate reached 99.7%, second only to last year’s all – vote teammate Mariano Rivera, it is not known who did not vote for kit. Of all the reporters who announced their votes, kit was on the list; Walker’s number of votes will be 6 higher than the threshold of the hall of fame, more than 20% higher than last year’s; on July 26 this year, the two will join the former cardinal catcher Ted Simmons, who was voted by the Veterans Committee last December, and Marvin Miller, chairman of the players’ Union, in the hall of fame in Cooper town.

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“To be honest, I was still nervous when I answered the phone, and it was hard to say when I was elected to the hall of fame,” kit said in an interview Walker’s journey to the hall of fame is a lot more bumpy than his first year of qualification. In 2011, he won only 20.3% of the votes in his first election, and even fell to 10.2% in 2014. However, in the last two years, his vote rate rocketed and he was crowded into the last bus of the hall of fame.

Hollerdy’s return 36 + 6 Engles 25 + 6 pelicans end Grizzlies’ 7-win streak

NBA regular season news, New Orleans pelicans (17-27) win again. Holliday got 36 points and 6 rebounds, Ingram got 25 points and 6 assists. They led the team to play a small climax in the second quarter to establish the advantage. Pelicans resisted the opponent’s counter attack and beat Memphis Grizzlies 126-116 (20-23). The Grizzlies finished their seventh straight win.

Pelican’s Holliday got 36 points and 6 rebounds, Ingram got 25 points, 4 rebounds and 6 assists, merry got 15 points and 5 rebounds, Redick got 10 points, Hart got 10 points and 5 rebounds. The Grizzlies’ Brooks scored 31 points and 9 rebounds, Jackson 19 points and 6 rebounds, Morant 16 points and 9 assists, varanchunas 14 points and 11 rebounds, and Merton 10 points.


Pelican’s hollerdy is back in the starting line-up. After the start of the game, the two teams competed fiercely, and there were even points on the field. Among Jackson’s three points after the 14-16 draw, the Grizzlies took the lead. Hayes and Bauer joined hands to help the team against the super five points, after the two teams played several attacks, Clarke hit the run, the first quarter at the end of the Grizzlies to 30-31 behind.

Red Sox vs Ranger vs. defending champion

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The Boston Red Sox of the United States east challenge the Texas Rangers of the United States west in Arlington. This is the first game of this series. Tencent sports will broadcast the video of the game live, welcome the fans to watch at that time:

[War review]

The defending champion Boston Red Sox has never recovered this season. Until the end of the regular season, they have only 81-75 record. 519 won the third place in the east area of the United States, and fell behind the first place. The old rival New York Yankees have 20.5 games. Not only the defending champion has become a bubble, but also the foreign card has no hope.

Although Texas Rangers have long been isolated from foreign cards, they are 75-81, ranking third in the United States’ western region with a winning rate of. 481, 27 games behind Houston astronauts, a top 100 team in the region. Some time ago, the Rangers hoped to strive to maintain a winning rate of more than 50%. Now it’s hard to achieve this small goal.

Before the series, the Red Sox team just won 3-1 in 4 series battles with Tampa Bay ray team in this area, and the Rangers team just lost the series war against Oakland sportsmen team in this area, 1-2.