Arizona State University kicker Turk completes 25 push ups

Generally speaking, scouts only value the leg strength of the abandoned kicker, but the strong upper body strength is also the icing on the cake.

In Thursday’s comprehensive physical training camp, Arizona State University abandoned kicker Michael Turk completed 25 times of 225 pound push ups, becoming the most abandoned kicker since 2003. In the 2018 physical training camp, Trevor Daniel, a kicker abandoned by the University of Tennessee, completed 23 push ups.



By the time he made it to the 21st time, Turk was already a bit out of control, but he still managed to make the last four.

Although the impact on the draft prospects may be small, but it is no problem to blow. He has more pushovers than 18 attacking frontmen in the physical camp, including the popular Tristan wirfs (24) and Mekhi Becton (23).

Turk is the nephew of former NFL kicker Matt Turk, who started in ASU for only a year before running early. He gave up 46 yards last season, the longest 75 yards, 23 times more than 50 yards.

nnovation and upgrading, the 2020 Asian Hot Expo will be held in Guangzhou in August

At the beginning of new spring, everything is renewed! After a special holiday, the journey of the new year is about to begin. In 2020, the global heating market will still be full of opportunities, but we need to rely on active growth to win growth.

As an important part of the national economy, thermal production and supply in recent years, with the continuous development of economy and the substantial improvement of people’s living standards, people put forward higher demand for intelligent heating, clean heating and comfortable life. Clean heating is increasingly concerned by the state and the government, the media and the general audience. Under the policy guidance and market demand successively issued by various government departments, coal to electricity, coal to gas, coal to clean energy, cogeneration, waste heat utilization, multi energy complementary, technological innovation, model innovation, industrial interconnection, the industry ushers in a new golden opportunity for development!




As an important business negotiation, brand promotion and trading platform for the global thermal energy, heating, HVAC and comfortable home furnishing industry, 2020 Asia thermal energy technology and comfortable home furnishing system Expo will be held in the exhibition hall of China Import and Export Fair, Guangzhou, from August 16 to 18. At present, the relevant recruitment and investment work has officially started. Asia thermal energy technology and comfortable home system Expo 2020, formerly known as Guangzhou Thermal Energy Technology Expo and China Thermal Energy Expo, has been in the wind and rain for 15 years, with an exhibition area of more than 100000 square meters, more than 2000 exhibitors and more than 500 media publicity and promotion at home and abroad, covering thermal energy, heating, boiler, drying, electric heating, hot water, biomass energy Solar energy, air energy (heat pump), comfortable home and other fields. In order to better serve the industry and further enhance the international influence of the exhibition, the thermal Expo was upgraded to Asia thermal technology and comfortable home system Expo.

The exhibition is expected to have more than 2200 exhibitors, an exhibition area of more than 130000 square meters, and more than 160000 professional visitors from more than 100 countries. In 2020, as the first year of comprehensive upgrading to the Asian thermal Expo, the organizing committee will set up an international exhibition area for the first time. According to the organizing committee, in 2020, the thermal Expo will reach strategic cooperation with more than 100 international well-known heating, heating and cooling and heating associations, form a strategic alliance, jointly invite members to participate in, attend and visit, and employ top 50 international and domestic brands as consultants As an expert consulting unit, senior executives and association leaders work together with global famous enterprises, celebrities and media to promote the development of the industry and create an annual industry focus platform.

The investigation shows that the team doesn’t want to keep the existing rules of passing interference

The pass interferes with the return rule of the foul and may be about to leave.

According to the NFL Network reporter, after the NFL Competition Commission’s post season survey, most teams do not want to keep this rule. Asked if they supported the rule’s perpetuation, 21 teams voted against it and 9 voted for it. Asked if they wanted the rules to continue for a year, 17 teams objected and five agreed.



Although the results of the investigation will not directly change the rules, it may affect the subsequent adjustment of the Competition Commission and the alliance.

Whether to keep the passing interference back to see the foul will be voted in the League regular meeting at the end of March requires at least 24 votes (75%) to continue to save.

The rule, which came into effect last summer, allows coaches to challenge offensive / defensive passing to interfere with fouls and look back. All passing interference fouls during the extra time match after two minutes of warning will also be officially looked back. Of the 100 fouls reviewed in 2019, 24 were reprimanded. Only 16.3% of the 80 fouls were changed.

Is it a mistake for a high salary contract renewal ace to cast left? Boston Red Sox has many obstacles in the future

John Henry, owner of Boston Red Sox during the off-season of 2018, has offered his team’s ace pitcher Chris sale a five-year, $145 million contract. According to ESPN baseball experts, Henry’s move disguised his mistake in 2015. When Red Sox ace Jon Lester was about to become a free agent in 2015, the Red Sox offered him only $70 million. Leicester rejected the offer and received a $155 million contract from the Chicago Cubs. After joining the cubs, Leicester still maintains the top competitive status, helping the cubs to break the “goat curse” and win the world championship for a long time.


641 (2)


Henry admitted in an interview some time ago that it was a big mistake for the team not to renew Leicester ahead of schedule. However, after the renewal of Searle, some observers also questioned whether it was a wrong decision to offer such a big contract when Searle was 30. With the current market situation and the team’s internal salary situation, is it a wrong decision for Red Sox to offer so generously?

Searle’s performance in the past few seasons has been excellent. He has become one of the top starters in the league. His strikeout rate has set a new record in the league. His adjusted self blame score loss index has reached 144, ranking 11th in the league history.

Tokyo Electronic Components Exhibition

The exhibition is the most advanced exhibition in the world in Japan, which is formed by the merger of Japan Electronics Show, two famous Japanese expositions, and Japan Communication Expo company. The Expo has become the world-class Expo with the most cutting-edge, largest scale and widest product range in the domestic electronic field in Asia and Japan. CEATEC Japan not only displays the latest skills, products, systems and software of major Japanese electronic companies, but also electronic components, equipment, services and content, so that the audience can experience the most cutting-edge skills in the world in a timely manner. All the major decision makers in the Japanese industry gathered. Therefore, if you and your company focus on the Japanese market, CEATEC is your most accurate choice.

The show represents the latest industry trends. Here are all the relevant new products and concepts – this is the ideal place for you to present your ideas.




Scope of exhibits

Electronic components / components / equipment exhibition area: semiconductors, electronic display devices, modules, circuit boards, wires and cables, functional devices, passive components, connecting devices, magnetic materials, industrial equipment, batteries and materials, other electronic components related products, etc

Digital network exhibition area: digital home appliances, mobile network products, digital software products, home and personal products, automobile electronic products, consumer electronic products, home network products, network and broadcast services, network platforms, intermediate equipment

Kobe Bryant’s memorial game, Lakers 5-8 home game, referee God blow to see stupid fans, James showdown

In the early morning of February 24, the memorial service for Lakers superstar Kobe Bryant was held in Staples Center. Many NBA stars and tens of thousands of fans gave him the last leg. After the memorial service, the dialogue between the Celtics and the Lakers between the East and the West was staged. Kobe Bryant also participated in many yellow and green wars, including the direct dialogue between the two finals. The NBA also hopes to use this game to pay tribute to Kobe Bi, I hope Kobe can enjoy the game in heaven.



Maybe because the game time is not friendly, many fans have missed the wonderful yellow and green war, but I believe that the fans watching the game will be fooled by the referee’s blow. Today’s Celtic players are all incarnations of such superstars as Hardon. If the Lakers touch the defensive end a little, they will be blown for defensive fouls. On the other hand, on the Lakers side, James’s Several breakthroughs were pulled, several fouls under the basket were forced up without whistles. Davis was also pushed for rebounds, and the referee ignored it.

But in spite of the referee’s rush, the Lakers finally won the game with James’ mid throw. The Lakers won 5-8 at home and continued to expand the difference with Denver, clippers and rockets. James shot 9 of 19 shots, 29 points, 8 boards and 9 assists in the quasi triple double, while Davis shot 10 of 25 shots, 32 points and 13 boards in the big double. Celtic tower Thum scored the highest 41 points and brown scored 20.

Finally waiting for Jr’s news! Come back 458 days later, dunk in singles + turn back run 3:9 in a row

Jr. Smith, how long have we not heard from him?

Before, the Lakers were called to try Jr. Smith, but it didn’t seem to end!

But just before that, now the Lakers star LeBron James, who is also Jr’s former teammate, forwarded a collection of JR’s previous games on his personal ins. The collection is all kinds of difficult three points in the era of JR Knights!

James said – we used to call him 911, because if there was an emergency, give him the ball and you’ll get it! That guy will shoot and hit the most difficult shot! That’s obvious! Don’t talk about the past, I want you! Suggesting the Lakers sign Jr?

Despite the nonsense of the 18 year finals, Jr is really a good player – 37.3% of his career’s three-point shooting rate and good defense! Moreover, in the 16 year G7, there is no 2-3 score of JR critical moment, and James’s “Cleveland, this is for you!”?


So the problem is very simple. Now it’s Jr’s status that prevents him from playing in the NBA!

Shortly after the start of the 18-19 season, Jr was called off by the Cavaliers management – Jr left the NBA after the last game on November 19.

Now that it’s almost a year and a half and 458 days have passed, can Jr still be one of the seven Jedi warriors with swords?

Maybe it can!

Before that, we finally waited for the news that Jr. Smith was playing again! Although it was a private training, but the 35 year old Jr still showed a good competitive state!

Brown bear wins the battle of life and death for the first time in seven years

Toronto Maple Leaf 2-4 Boston brown bear

Maple leaf of the home battle started first, with Morgan Riley taking the lead, but then the scene was completely controlled by brown bear. Two minutes later, marchamp forced to draw, and Kruger used the force to fight against the super score at the end of the festival. In the second quarter, debrisce’s goal left maple leaf two goals behind in the home match. Although Matthews started to pull back a city in the third quarter to give hope to the home team, maple leaf, which could not be leveled, was finally scored short handball by marchan. After losing the home match 2-4, he entered the series to snatch seven.

After scoring goals in this game, Matthews, a maple leaf player, has scored in four consecutive postseason games, equalling his own postseason scoring record. He is also the third player in maple leaf’s history to score goals in more than four games in a row in the playoffs.

641 (5)

Matthews is also the first maple leaf player to score five goals in a series of playoffs since 2004.

Brown bear and maple leaf have become the third pair in NHL’s history to meet in the playoffs for two consecutive seasons and both have won the seven.

Vikings hire former packer defense coordinator keppers

DOM capers returned to the League of nations.

On Monday, the Vikings hired him as a senior defense assistant. Capers has experience as a head coach and coordinator and held the same position at Jaguar last season.


From 2009 to 2017, capers served as the defense coordinator of the packer, winning a super bowl with the team and entering the League of Nations Championship three times. Further on, capers served as defense coordinator for Steelers, jaguars and dolphins. The successful defense team also gave him two coaching opportunities.

In 1995, capers became the first head coach of the Panther, and led the team into a league championship. In 2001, he was hired as a Texan coach again. In the eight years of coaching in these two places, he has achieved 48-80 results.

It will also be capers’ 33rd year in the NFL, adding to the Viking’s reputation last season as the fifth lowest scoring defensive team.

Billy Porter’s appearance at the Oscars

February 10, 2020: the 92nd Oscar in the United States is in progress, and there are many stars on the scene. American actor Billy Porter also appeared at the scene, which is still a “cross gender” exaggerated dress. The appearance attracted the attention of people on the scene.

Billy Porter was wearing a metal feather vest that day, with exaggerated metal texture and bright gold, the whole person looked sparkling. The lower body is a long oil painting skirt, with golden high heels on. It looks different when wearing it. Billy Potter is the only scenery in every activity.


At the age of 50, he also set himself free completely and became himself bravely. Every time Billy Potter appeared, he was very impressed. His beard and skirt were very harmonious with each other. He was confident and smiling in front of the camera.

It is understood that Billy Porter is an actor in Hollywood. Before that, he played some small roles in Broadway all the year round. In 2013, Billy Porter played “Lola” in the famous Broadway musical “Queen of boots”, a black cross dresser who was discriminated against and not understood by people, and finally he was able to face up to himself and shine on the stage.

It is understood that Billy Porter is an actor in Hollywood. Before that, he played some small roles in Broadway all the year round. In 2013, Billy Porter played “Lola” in the famous Broadway musical “Queen of boots“, a black cross dresser who was discriminated against and not understood by people, and finally he was able to face up to himself and shine on the stage.

And Billy Potter’s appearance is all innovation, a different existence. He also often ignores the eyes of the outside world, but chooses to be brave, and this is not to make a living “forced” to wear. Billy also has his own opinions on fashion, and as a transgender, he often takes his boyfriend to various occasions.