Why is the person passing the ball in the NFL called the quarterback?

Several guards of American football: full back is full back, half back is half back, quarterback is 1 / 4, so quarterback

The name has nothing to do with their function. That’s not to say that quarterback is only half of halfback Half…

Here’s an explanation. To make it easy for you to understand, let’s give some examples of football and basketball. Real olive fans don’t have to watch it.

American football attackers, in three groups.


The picture below is just one of the ways to arrange the array. In the past, it used to include unilateral outside take over, double quarterback, 1-word array, t-word array and so on, including San.

When the formation of the shotgun is just coming out, it’s too numerous to count. Maybe it means something.

In the middle, teltlgcrg RT. basically calculates the meat wall (TE is relatively swinging, which is a simple statement). For example, they are basketball.

Bogut in Li, husky in football.

WRS on both sides are external, responsible for running, catching and punching. For example, Ariza in basketball and Marion in football.

Robben and bell.

Behind QB FB and Hb, who. It’s quarterback, full back and halfback. They are the men in charge of the ball in basketball and football.

In modern American football, full back and half back are both running guards. They are used to attack. They are about the same as wade in the early years of basketball.

Jazz player Gerber’s new crown tested positive, NBA suspended

o be honest, NBA suspension should have been planned for a long time, otherwise it would not react so quickly. As far as I know, universities in many eastern states of the United States have announced the change to online classes, including Cleveland, Ohio, Boston, Massachusetts, Boston, Illinois, Chicago, the city where the bulls are located. This decision must be one of the emergency measures that Xiao Hua negotiated with the owners of all teams before. Novel coronavirus pneumonia is the reason for the emergency response to NBA players or spectators. It’s just that, unexpectedly, the first winner is the player who ignores the new crown the most. Who is the sky around.


Of course, I sincerely hope that everyone, including the players, can survive. The novel coronavirus pneumonia can cause lung fibrosis, although the degree of Sars is not as high as that of the patients. The sequelae of severe patients can not be ignored. For NBA players who rely on their bodies to eat, although their strong physique can help them to overcome the disease, but once they leave behind, it is a devastating blow for any professional player.

Why ice hockey allows fights

In fact, the fight has existed in the NHL League for nearly a century. Since 1922, the National Hockey League incorporated rule 56 into the official rules manual, this rule has existed as a part of the game until now. The name of this rule is “fistcuffs”, which translates to “fighting”.


Today, the rules on fighting have become NHL Article 46, which has a higher degree of freedom for referees to decide, and players will be punished or punished for everyone. And former NHL referee Kerry Fraser believes that technically, fighting is actually a violation of the normal rules of the game. Any player who participates in the fight will be sent to the penalty room for at least 5 minutes, and the referee can increase the penalty according to the scale of his own penalty, and can expel the athletes in serious situations.

NHL chief executive family Bateman also said in an interview that he has been trying to understand why the alliance is still so inclusive of this violent behavior. And it looks like this behavior will continue in the near future. Bateman also said in the interview that fighting is actually a kind of pressure “controller” of competition. Although fighting is a kind of behavior that will hurt both sides, it can also prevent other more serious injury events.

The relationship between advertising and marketing

In the introduction of marketing theory, we know that there are 4P theory and 4C theory. Promotion in 4P and communication in 4C all emphasize the importance of communicating with consumers and conveying brand information to consumers.

Composition of promotion / communication

How to communicate with consumers includes many aspects. It generally includes advertising, promotional activities, PR, visual planning and other topics. It can be seen that advertising is only one of them. In daily life, especially when shopping in the supermarket, we often see discount information, which is a typical promotional activity. In addition, PR is also very important. Some time ago, some negative information about Lenovo computer appeared on the network. It should be said that Lenovo’s PR company seems to have no effect. Lenovo recently wanted to change PR company.


The relationship between advertising and marketing

Let’s take another look at the position of the advertisement. In the era of overproduction, after the products are produced, some marketing activities need to be carried out. In marketing activities, promotion is an important part. In the promotion activities, advertising is also an important part. Speaking of this, I believe you know a lot about the location of Guangzhou.

Advertising segmentation

And advertising can be divided into two aspects, one is creativity, the other is media. Creativity is the company that makes the advertisement, and the media is the company that looks for the delivery channel.

Why do those marketers make so much more money than you when they advertise low?

Introduce 2 people to you. Do you know each other?

At 8:45 a.m., Daniel walked into the luxury office building in a slim shirt. Coming out on the 21st floor is the company’s glittering logo. He opens the MacBook and talks with his colleague Sammy about fashion and the latest urban art exhibition.

At the 10:30 meeting, they talked about marketing strategy. Daniel talked about the hottest new brand in the United States. Sammy added the popular marketing concept. In other people’s eyes, they are elite marketers.

But they are unhappy because sales have been sluggish for months. This is really a ghost. I listened to the master’s paid course, used the latest marketing concept, borrowed the copywriting of the new fashion brand in the United States, and found a very expensive photographer to shoot. Why – goods or not?


Do you feel familiar when you see here? I’m not afraid of your jokes. When I was in 4A advertising company, I felt like Daniel. If you also work in a senior office building, maybe you will also think, hey, that Sammy is me!

The most irritating thing happened at the dinner table. When you worry about performance, your friends tell you that their company has been selling well in the past two years. He also sent you the product copy, you almost fainted, because it’s too low! The packaging is ordinary, the pictures are local, and the copywriting is very vulgar. But when I look at the sales volume, I can’t help it. I have done more in three days than I have done in half a month! God!

Talk about the rise, everyone talked about salary, when a friend said his bonus, you found that the number is higher than his salary, you forced to smile, crying in your heart

The same marketing, talented students can not beat the earth baozi, in the end where is the problem?

It’s been 200 years since the dust on the oil painting was removed. The real appearance is so beautiful

Philip mold, an expert in oil painting restoration, recently cleaned up a 200 year old oil painting and showed his true appearance, which was amazing.

The dirt on the outside of this painting has been more than 200 years. It’s not easy to clean it up. When the dirt is removed, the painting shows its original appearance.

For Philip, it’s a very interesting job. How happy it is to show his true appearance in his own repair when the dust covered picture.


After the video of repairing the oil painting was uploaded to the Internet, it has won more than 15000 praises. Some people think his work is very meaningful, no less than that of a beautician.

Some netizens said that this work of witnessing miracles, looking for surprises in a quiet atmosphere, if you can choose, are willing to engage in this work.

Redskins will sign veteran linebacker Thomas Davis

Veteran linebacker Thomas Davis will continue to play.

On Tuesday, Davis announced on instagram that he would sign with Redskins and see his former manager Ron Rivera again.

Davis has been selected into the professional bowl for three times in his career, and has tackled at least 100 times in seven seasons. He has played for the Black Panther for 13 years. Last year, he played for Los Angeles lightning. He started all 16 games and finished 112 tackles, leading the team.

Rivera was cut by the Panthers last season and then hired by Redskins. He and Davis will continue the chemical reaction that was established in the Panther.


It is found that the oil painting on the wall is rotten and dripping blood. It’s amazing to look closely

Valerie Hegarty, a foreign artist, is famous for her unique “rotten art“. You may feel uncomfortable when you see her paintings, because most of them look like rotten blood dripping. The portraits are flesh and blood, but it may be a little scary to see them at first sight. No matter which picture it is, it makes people feel very special. Such “rotten art” makes people feel both fashionable and special. Some people think that such paintings are of great artistic value. But there are also those who say frankly, “it’s uncomfortable to be unable to understand what they want to express.”.



Give up JR! The Lakers finish the final round of the season

This season’s NBA competition is very fierce, especially in the West. Now the two teams most likely to reach the finals in the West are the Lakers and Clippers. The warriors are no longer the super carrier. Durant’s departure after last season, clay’s season reimbursement means that the Lakers have withdrawn from the championship competition this season. At present, the warriors are in the West In the last place, the veteran Spurs are almost out of the playoffs. Now the biggest threat to the Lakers in the west is the Clippers.


The current team of clippers can be said to be terrifying, especially the healthy clippers have not lost the ball this season, and the winning points per game are more than 10 points. Leonard, the super star who can attack and defend, George, who is in a recovering state, sits on the bench with Harrell and Luwei, while the team has completed the successive recruitment of Morris and Reggie Jackson not long ago All of them can attack and defend, but the introduction of the Lakers is a little criticized. There is no deal or introduction. The introduction of big Morris in the free market not long ago has become the only deal of the Lakers. The recent Lakers are trying to buy out the market to strengthen.

Chief security guard Matthew: no intention to indulge in Super Bowl victory, target defending

During the NFL season, players usually relax for a day after winning and return to work immediately. After winning the super bowl, the players will have more time to celebrate, but they will not indulge in it.

Weeks after winning the super bowl, the Kansas City Chiefs have returned to work instead of celebrating.

“I don’t think so,” said tyrmann Mathieu, the security guard. “I try not to indulge in victory. I always tend to reflect on what I have experienced, because it makes me down-to-earth. It gives me the motivation to do more. ”


“It’s always great to accomplish a goal you plan to accomplish. My mentality is that it’s time to restart and try to win again. I think we have a really good team and a really good chance. Not every team has the opportunity we have. It’s important for us to restart and get back to work. ”

Matthew is not the only one to start preparing for the 2020 season. Coach Andy Reid and general manager Brett Veach have been at the integrated camp as usual last week. Quarterback Patrick mahome also plans to continue to improve his ability during the off-season.

In an effort to narrow the gap between the teams of the NFL, winning the championship for two consecutive years is a difficult task. The last time this achievement was achieved was in the 2003 and 2004 New England Patriots. And they are the only team to do that in the new millennium.