“Treasure house” studio in Hutong

Misheng and her boyfriend, Dalong, have opened a studio in the alley of Gulou. It has been five years since 10 years ago, and the space is getting larger and larger. This visit is to the new studio and space near beiluoguxiang. It is not easy to find the ideal space in the Hutong. Now the space is rented from two neighboring landlords, reconstructed, and connected. The studio is mainly divided into sketch, color, oil painting and three teaching spaces. The adjacent rooms have been transformed into art spaces, specialized in exhibitions, projection and other multiple activities. The first rooms used to make the studio five years ago have now been transformed into hand workshops specialized in leather carving, tie dyeing, wool felt and so on.

Dragon himself is an art student. On the one hand, he hopes to have a place to stick to painting. On the other hand, he also provides a place for those who love art to practice at any time.

Pushing open the wooden door and entering the studio is like entering a “treasure house” full of children. It’s not only a mechanical cold studio for skill training, but also a warm living room where all people with similar interests gather and stay together.



How to evaluate Hornets defender Terry rocil?

Let’s define it first. The prince is the little prince of neuro knife, who is a strong team to replace the weak team in the starting, has strong athletic ability and has shortcomings in playing. Ah, isn’t this a weakened version (including brain drain) of JR Smith. In the offensive phase, he is a scorer with insufficient organizational ability and low efficiency. The prince’s years at Celtic were notoriously inefficient. The season with the highest average shooting rate in Celtic is 39.5%. 5 shots, 3.1 irons. This year in the Hornet is a progress, the field average hit rate finally broke the four words, reached 42.3%, each with 14.9 shots to get 18.0 points. As a defender, he has the highest assists per game in his career, which is 4.1 times this season, with 2.27 mistakes; in the rest of the season, he has no more than 3 assists per game.


He is not good at passing and does not take passing as the first choice. “I can do it, I can do it” is his first reaction. In order to prove his ability, he often has some strange and difficult shooting options (the best example: 18 years east decided to try to block LeBron at the critical moment, rather than lay up or make a foul, leading to LeBron directly blocked). On the defensive side, he is a defender with great potential and a positive attitude, but his actual performance is not good. Although he is only 1.85 meters tall, he has an arm span of 2.04 meters. No doubt, it gives him a huge possibility to defend outside. Although at present his data is not good-looking, his data can only be cut in the middle of the league, but it can not be denied his defense potential. His defense motivation is reflected in his top position in interfering with three-point shooting: ninth in the league, 3.9 times per game. However, by contrast, the number of shots he interfered with two points ranked 236 in the league, averaging only 1.9 per game. Of course, this data has a great relationship with the position, which can not be used to completely negate the defensive attitude of Rozier. If you look at his 2 fouls per game, I think the prince’s defensive attitude is still positive. However, in any case, his defense efficiency is 113.5, ranking the third from the bottom in the team. Although the overall defense of hornets is weak, we have to say that the defense of Rozier is really not good.

Broadcast the worst ads and sell the most products

It is said that brain platinum will be among the “top ten best advertisements” and “top ten worst advertisements” every year. Of course, it is not “the best”, but “the worst”, and for many years, it has been ranked first among the “top ten worst advertisements in China”, and remains unchanged.


For more than ten years, brain platinum ads have changed little: in the video screen, two old cartoon people dance and sing, either playing a hoop or playing a fitness stick; the advertising language is not “this year, we honor our parents and give brain platinum as gifts”, or “this year, we don’t receive gifts at festivals, only brain platinum as gifts”. Once the advertisement is broadcasted, it is often a curse, and there are few words of praise. The advertisers in the industry read the evaluation and said that there is no creativity, vulgar, and the picture lacks aesthetic feeling. Media people read the evaluation said that the film and television is too vulgar, no taste, the nature of plane advertising exaggeration is serious. How will the people evaluate it? Some people stand up and say, “it’s so vulgar that it can’t be seen.” some people say, “I don’t want to drink it after watching it, but I want to vomit.” others say, “I’m tired of watching it every time, I just want to fall off the TV.” some people also say ironically: it’s a little funny. The queen sells melons, boasts about herself, and the effect is average.

Such vulgar and low-grade advertisements have the willpower to persevere and not change their intentions. They have been broadcast for more than ten years. People can’t help but admire it.

Does Shi Yuzhu, the leader of giant group, have no idea of changing his face?

Of course, I know that I have made up my mind to reform myself, but in the end, I still insist on putting the “worst advertisement” on the ground.

First league in Europe! President of Belarus takes the lead in playing ice hockey and thousands of people watch football matches

Today, the novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic in Europe, many European countries have begun to segregate the home, restaurants closed, stop the ball game. But in Belarus, all their anti epidemic measures are to take their temperature and wash their hands. Everything else is old. Restaurants are open, shopping malls are open, normal life is normal, and they don’t wear masks.

At present, international football is experiencing shocks. Affected by the epidemic, the European Cup and the Inter American Cup have been postponed for one year, and the five major leagues are discussing the possibility of restarting or nullifying the season. News of the novel coronavirus pneumonia is constantly coming from players and coaches. The world’s first sports is hitherto unknown. But the Belarusian League, which has just started a new season, is still in full swing.


Recently, the Belarus League has also opened a new season. There are many spectators in the stands. “We live as we used to, without fear at all,” the interviewee said

On March 28, an amateur ice hockey match was held in the Belarusian capital, in which President lukashen also took part.

At present, many countries have imposed a blockade. Belarusian president Lukashenko is not willing to join the blockade countries, and has given the people very hard core anti epidemic suggestions. It claims that drinking and bathing can eliminate the virus and cure the disease. And I suggest you drink 50 ml vodka every day.

What should be paid attention to in the coating process of the thermal transfer film

When the material is ready, it can be printed on the press. Generally, the release layer, the printing layer and the adhesive layer are all coated and printed on the same gravure press.

Unwinding installs the base material film in the center of the unwinding roller, passes through the middle of the imprinting roller and the plate roller, and then passes through the constant tension traction roller to enter the reeling roller, adjusts the paper feeding tension according to the diameter of the reel, and sets different drying temperature according to different materials of the thermal transfer film coating.


Heat transfer flower film coating release agent shall be prepared first, poured into the coating tank and stirred evenly, then the gravure printing machine shall be started for coating, and the coated substrate film shall be dried on the drying device, and the drying temperature can be set according to the temperature required by the release agent or the data provided by the manufacturer. Release agent in the substrate film surface curing time is very short, but to make the transfer effect better, we must let the solvent volatilize completely before preparing the coating ink, so the drying temperature can be appropriately higher, or dry on 2-4 color groups. The coating thickness of release agent should be controlled at about 5 μ m, which should not be too thick or too thin. Too thick will make the release layer easily fall off from the substrate film, and too thin will cause the printing layer can not be completely transferred during heat transfer printing.

What should be paid attention to in heat transfer printing?

What should be paid attention to in heat transfer printing? Dongguan heat transfer factory, professional to undertake plastic heat transfer processing heat transfer technology can be said that most people prefer, for businesses, if you can go to heat transfer technology processing, it can also bring you a great help of heat transfer knowledge, but what will the heat transfer factory pay attention to? In fact, there are many problems that need to be noticed when processing. If you don’t pay attention to these problems, you can’t rest assured. It can be said that it’s also necessary to pay attention to these related problems. Let’s analyze them for you and hope to let you know. What should we pay attention to about heat transfer printing? You don’t need to worry about this aspect, and you are generally required to pay attention to the following aspects.


The first heat transfer factory is to make itself pay attention to find a better company. When processing again, we must pay attention to finding a better company, because there are many companies now. If you don’t find a reliable company, you can’t rest assured. Many people always think that it doesn’t matter what kind of hot transfer company you choose to do, but this idea is wrong, If you choose a company at will, it may also cause great trouble, so you must ensure that you can find a really good company, and you can learn more about what kind of company you want to choose. If you learn more about the company, you should be able to make a good decision Certain judgment.

The second hot transfer introduction is to let oneself notice whether the charge is more appropriate. When processing again, we also need to let you know about the collection of fees. In this respect, we should see whether the collection of fees will be within a reasonable range, because sometimes there may be unreasonable collection of fees, so we also need to be able to consult clearly to ensure that the collection of fees will be relatively consistent Only in this way can we satisfy ourselves. What should be paid attention to in heat transfer printing? Through the above introduction, you will be able to understand this aspect of the problem and know what needs to be noticed. Generally, as long as you can spend more time to understand and notice these related problems, you can also make yourself satisfied.

oil painting

1. Mire

When he was so confused that he had no way to go, those sorrows that he thought had forgotten for a long time repeated their mistakes, and the original and broken mind and body were being eroded more and more fiercely

As if those days in the dark are not over, all around are covered by the night, the world is chaotic, only I walk alone in the dark sky. I stumbled all the way to the dark street where I couldn’t see my fingers. In life, it’s easy to smile, but not easy to be happy. My low and quiet, let me stiff fall into butterfly. One day, there was light on the edge of the world, and my life was a miracle, just like someone lighting a lamp in the dark, showing his infinite gentle face in the weak light. He held out his hand to me.


“Let me take you. Get out of the dark. ”

Dull me, smile frankly.

2. Confusion

An oil painting, bound by a chain, in which a woman’s eyebrows are locked and a baby in her arms has no head

A lot of people will walk with you, maybe it’s a guide of passer-by a, maybe it’s a long-term side-by-side walk together – however, there is no feast that can’t be separated in the world, in the future life, they will leave you one by one. With the passage of time, you lose your primary school partner first, then a simple first love, and then you will lose your family and more. Human’s luck is due to human’s affection, while misfortune is due to human’s limited life. When some mornings wake up from nightmares, the empty room is just sitting on the bed for a breath. It turns out that no matter how terrible or lonely, it has always been a person.

What do you have to know about heat transfer film?

The working principle of the heat transfer film is to transfer the pattern on the hot object by using the heat transfer process, which is resistant to high temperature, does not deform, does not degumme, and is not easy to fade. In addition to the advantages in characteristics, the product is also very convenient to operate, not only easy to carve, but also very easy to waste. But even if the operation is simple, there are still many small partners more or less will appear some problems, today small edition will talk about some of the use of heat transfer film skills!


A good heat transfer film must have excellent detachability and beautiful pictures and texts. In the process of heat transfer printing, it should show the “looseness” of pictures and texts. When it is detachable from the carrier film, it can be “tight” and attached to the surface of the hot object. “Tight” and “loose” are the key points of technology!

The heat transfer film uses the pressure and heat of the heat transfer machine to transfer the pattern on the required clothing, which can improve the quality of the transferred products and increase the value of the goods, which virtually increases the profits. Now in the market, heat transfer printing is widely used in daily use, stationery, toys, furniture and building materials industries. The upper limit of the application of this heat transfer film is very large, maybe the sky is its limit!

Detail obsessed

I went to visit a female painter the other day. She is drawing a painting entitled “road”. In the picture, there are two Chinese women with high cheekbones and thick lips – one is the common people, the other is the soldiers – dressed in rags, walking side by side, looking at the low clouds and the urgent road ahead. The painting had been hanging in the studio for a long time, and she always said, “it’s still a little bit short.”.

One day, her husband, a well-known art critic, came to the painting and pointed out the problem of the painting with a strong voice. The painter was annoyed and quarreled with him, which made him angry.

timg (2)

The next day, the husband was relieved and bought a bunch of roses to apologize to the studio. The painter smiled and took the bouquet and put it in the vase. Two late flowers were accidentally knocked down. Looking at the bright roses on the table, the painter came to the painting and added a rose to the front of each of the two women. Blood like rose, in the cold tone, the atmosphere of the picture is so abrupt, it’s amazing! The emotion contained in the painting gushes out from the gap made by flowers. Finally, the painter threw away the brush dipped in vermilion. His face was pale and his smile was like a flower. It was like a woman who finally gave birth to her baby. She conquered herself and art with the last details.

Therefore, the management of details makes life tend to be dense. The key to life and love is the details.

Playoff seats in a mess? Just read this one!

At 2:00 a.m. next Monday, the NFL will have the first round of 2017 and the last round of the regular season. Many teams will make the final sprint for playoff seats. Many friends make complaints about this year. I don’t know which teams can go into the playoffs. From the perspective of each team, I will specifically analyze the conditions that the team needs to reach in the playoffs and the impact of the results of this round of regular season on the playoffs seats.



The situation of the United States is relatively clear. Six playoff teams have confirmed: New England Patriots, the United States east champions and the first round of the playoffs; Pittsburgh Steelers, the United States North champions; Houston Texas, the United States South champions; Oakland Raiders Raiders; Kansas City Chiefs; and Miami Dolphins to secure a wild card. The only remaining variables are which team will have the home advantage of the US playoffs and who will spend the title of the US Western Conference champion.

The New England Patriot (13-2) heads to warm Florida against the Miami Dolphins (10-5). Patriots have locked in the United States east champions, and with outstanding results to obtain the first round of the playoffs air superiority. If this round:

The Patriot wins or draws or the Raider loses or draws,

Then Patriots will be the first regular season results of the United States to obtain the United States playoffs home advantage.