Reconstruction in progress

Clipper’s firv2-b2358cb123480f791ce9be6239083191_720wst round in 2019 is the top 14 draft pick, so it’s certain that the new season’s way to ensure that this sign doesn’t fall into the hands of others. Moreover, after the lottery lottery reform, the Clippers didn’t need to lose to the bottom of the valley to compete with other bottom teams for the first place.


The Clippers proved last season that they can still play well even without core. Although they traded Paul and Griffin and released Jordan, the clippers with Gallinari, Harris and Lu Williams are not a mermaid team. Then, the clipper’s new season will not be ugly. It will be more elegant than the eagles.

In the process of lousy display, it is inevitable to train rookies. Clipper should also give more opportunities to the two first round rookies, but the problem is that the guard line of clipper is quite crowded. Even if we trade little rivers, there is no pressure for clipper to discharge two sets of three guard formation.

There are Beverly, Ludwig, Bradley and teodoxic who can play in the first round, Evans, Tyrone Wallace and Sowell in the rotation. These three players have also proved their roles. Now the Clippers will join Alexander and Jerome Robinson in the first round of these seven players.

But to be clear, although the full back line is crowded, there are not many players who can really get into the team’s blueprint.

Whose physical talent in NBA history

Now, 28 years ago, April 20, 1992. Dennis Rodman, a pistons player, has become the NBA’s rebounder, averaging 18.7 rebounds per game, accounting for 42.1% of the team’s total, a record in NBA history.

This is Rodman’s first rebounding king in his career. From 1991-92 season to 1997-98 season, he became the rebounding king for seven consecutive seasons, and also became an unattainable record in the history of NBA.

Recently, Jordan’s documentary has been on the air, looking forward to Rodman’s appearance in the last three championships. Just in time, I was invited to write something about this question today. It’s dedicated to the flower beetle with abnormal physical talent, the bastard who goes his own way.

There are always unexplained phenomena around us, just like some people are born to do it. Just like you can’t explain that Duncan, who has practiced basketball for nearly ten years less than others, will become the most solid player in the NBA. You can’t explain why Olajuwon, who plays football until he is 15, will have such gorgeous dance steps on the basketball court in just a few years; You can’t explain that Rodman, who couldn’t even play basketball in high school, would become the best rebounder in NBA history and the most triangle offensive guy in Phil Jackson’s mouth.


(NFL) announced Friday that five regular season games will be held in the United States

Novel coronavirus pneumonia is announced by the occupation football league (NFL) 4. The 5 regular season games scheduled for London and Mexico City will be held in the United States this season.

The NFL said the move is to ensure that all events of the season are conducted in accordance with a unified standard, and the top priority of the standard is “to ensure the health of all players, staff and fans”.

According to the original plan, Atlanta Falcons, Miami Dolphins and other teams participated in the games, including London Wembley Stadium and other venues. Since 2007, NFL regular season has been held in London every year, which has become a common practice.


“After comprehensive consideration, we believe that it is the right choice to withdraw these overseas competitions to the United States,” said NFL executive vice president Halpin. Partners in the UK and Mexico agree. Hopefully our game will continue there in 2021. ”

According to the arrangement, the NFL will release the calendar of this season on the 7th. Despite the interference of the epidemic, it is reported that the NFL will hold all the matches of this season according to the established plan, and there is no change at present. The NFL will play in September this season.

Poor performance of divine level goalkeeper 213

Danlue’s arrogant opening remarks opened the game. As soon as arseno came up, he was aggressive. The substitute and Matthew who had not been on theu=1451011295,1440292185&fm=26&gp=0 court for a long time were very active. In the first two minutes, they came to a connection. After receiving Matthew’s pass, coher crossed one person and passed the ball to the middle. The substitute striker Jules arc shot a little out of the door frame, finishing the first shot of arseno’s opening.

After that, the two sides fell into a positional battle. Newcastle United defended very actively and successfully prevented Arsenal’s attacks for many times. In the 20th minute of the game, Newcastle United grabbed Matthew’s ball in the midfield and then made a long-distance pass directly. The Newcastle United striker bolt, who had the same name as the legendary Baimi flying man many years ago, rushed to the ball like a lightning bolt. When the defense line of Arsenal was not stable Waiting for the ball to advance to the edge of the penalty area, until mark pasted the time bolt has shot the ball to the goal.

AI Liang watched the ball coming, quickly went down, blocked the ball with his foot, the ball changed the line and deviated from the baseline. Bolt was flat on his hips, with no surprise on his face.


As the game went on, the trend of the game was gradually similar to the previous ones. Altat thought in a crazy Tucao: “I’m going to play, how can I play this game? I can’t make complaints about AI Liang’s free kick.”

A moment later, Arteta made a decision. With a big wave of his hand, he let everyone press on. The players on the field of Arsenal received the instructions and quickly pushed all the players over the midfield.

“Ha ha, the first half was just over half, and ah Xiannu was all over it! There’s only Ellen in the backcourt! ” Dan quickly explained, “ah Xiannu seems to be fed up with each other’s iron barrel array, but they also have such confidence, because ailiang alone can top a whole defense line!”

The front court of Newcastle United is full of people. Arsenal has taken the initiative completely and the ball keeps flying around. But Newcastle’s tenacity is full and has not been crushed. The foul control is also very good. They are far away from the goal, so Allen has no chance to perform.

Advertising marketing enters the era of “content discovery and management”

Advertising marketing 80and the development of Internet products are always inseparable. A simple review of the development history of Internet giants can find that advertising plays an important role in it. Relying on brand graphic advertising, four major portals have risen; relying on search engine advertising, Google and Baidu have begun to dominate; e-commerce platform advertising is popular, and Ali has become a giant.


These forms are still going on. However, when users are more and more picky, people have higher and higher requirements for the content of advertisements. From the escape from Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, to the “user’s Manual” of Netease cloud music, to the creative implantation of Su aiya in “blood hip hop dance group” Good advertising marketing itself is content and scene.

For mobile advertising platform, the core competitiveness in the second half lies in the ability of content discovery and management, as well as the ability of insight into user scenarios, data mining and accurate touch.

At this point, the giants have a certain consensus. Tencent relies on wechat gene to stop social advertising, and Sina Weibo keeps upgrading with the help of super Fantong. Recently, it announced the independent financing of Netease Youdao, and also announced to create a new generation of quality content advertising ecology through its advertising platform Youdao Zhixuan.

NHL is on its way to a $5 billion business in the new season

On October 8, NHL returned as promised in the new season. In the opening match, the New York Rangers won the championship 3-2 at the Chicago Black Hawks, marking the start of the 2015-16 season. During the pre-season warm-up period of the past month, the NHL League has arranged many promotional activities for the 2016 Ice Hockey World Cup. Unlike the big events dominated by FIFA and FIBA, the Ice Hockey World Cup next September is run by NHL, not the International Hockey Federation. Alliance coo John Collins made it clear: “we have grown into a $4 billion business. Now the NHL alliance only focuses on one question: where is the next billion coming from?”


Six year return on investment in NHL team is amazing

Six years ago, on a summer’s day, the dim eyed Jeffrey Wernicke came home to open up his computer and put a line into Google’s search: how to buy a professional sports club?

At the age of 50, Wernicke was an outstanding investor. To be the boss of a professional team was his dream after drinking that night. Before long, he met with senior members of the NHL League and made his own choice among 10 clubs that wanted to sell.

In 2010, Wernicke bought the Tampa Bay Lightning team. In this small Florida port town, it’s very suitable for Winnick to develop business capabilities. What’s more, the year-on-year losses made the shareholders of the lightning team eager to sell the team. When he bought the contract for the use of the team and the stadium, Wernicke spent only $110 million Five years later, the management team carefully built by Wernicke led a group of post-90s hairy guys to the NHL finals. Although this is the second time in the team’s history that the team has entered the finals, the commercial area built around the lightning team’s main stadium, may, has begun to take shape, with a total value of more than $1 billion.

What’s the difference between the two sports of bat + ball + glove!

Softball, which has a history of more than 100 years, is developed from baseball and belongs to two varieties of the same sport. Although they are all competitive sports of stick + ball + glove, they are quite different from each other. The most basic difference is in the throwing technique. The throwing technique of baseball is raised hand over shoulder throwing, and there are high shoulder and low shoulder throwing. Softball is a kind of underhand throwing, with windmill and pendulum.


And in pitching, softball can be divided into slow pitching and fast pitching. Both men and women can make slow pitching, and as the name implies, the ball is slowly thrown into the air. It’s mainly women’s sport, and it’s very different from that kind of quick swing.

Of course, they are also very different in the ball gear, although the basic ball gear required for the two sports is the same: a ball, a glove, a bat. But softball is bigger and heavier than baseball, although it’s not as dense as baseball. Baseball balls are lighter and thinner, and there are many variations in the material.

In terms of bat difference, softball is shorter and thicker than baseball bat. The maximum weight and length of the baseball bat are higher than that of the softball bat. In addition, the upper limit of the baseball bat is also higher than that of the softball bat in the sweet zone diameter (which is more than the width of the hitting surface of the bat in rule).

NFL off-season events you can’t miss

1) Who will name TUA tagovaloa and Justin Herbertv2-1e753cbe7e07c500bbb60e99f6f8f37a_720w?

Almost everyone wants Joe burrow to be Cincinnati’s number one pick, but the other quarterbacks offer more possibilities at the upcoming draft convention. In January 2018, Tuya participated in an incredible National Champions League as a freshman. Since then, he has been a hot topic. He was the subject of a lot of failure reviews last season, and we are watching his recovery closely, just as he did on the pitch. After that, will dolphins get what they want? Will Washington or Detroit surprise us? Will New England go all the way up? Meanwhile, the lightning team claims they will continue to sign Taylor.


7) Where will the best outside take over go?

Catching the ball outside is the most backward position in this year’s draft, which is the best time for NFL to break out in the passing game. There is nothing more interesting than watching great players play. I can’t wait to see these rookies spread out in the league and see the best quarterbacks in the world make a great shot.

3) Can star running guards keep up?

Ram gave Todd Gurley an expensive lesson this week. To be more precise, they have learned their lessons for years.

In 2018, we saw bell absent for a whole season after being selected as a special agent. Last year, Ezekiel Elliott held on after three seasons and got paid before the first week. Melvin Gordon held on in his fourth season, missed four games, was replaced by a player who had no draft rights before and came back without a new contract. (his plan backfired economically, but he did sign a two-year, $16 million contract with Denver this week, much better than most runners who signed a second contract with the NFL. )It’s the least known secret on the NFL’s roster. Of course, a good running guard can help your team win, but paying an overpaid running guard fee can also be a serious mistake


The latest classic sentence of “advertising in the field of science and technology”

1. The purpose of advertising is not to make people feel interesting in their husband’s office, to make them happy, or to entertain them. You don’t use it to please the public. You use it to create, but to create a serious theme about children’s country – spending money. The contrast species you are targeting is just a few farmers who have been screened. —-Claude hopney’s meeting

2. A certain Mr. Youzi wants to see a private car every year, but he doesn’t care about the price. I’ve been thinking about the loss of water lift. I’m more proud of my car. Otherwise, I feel like I’ll never be able to lose it. I just drive it out. But when the water lift can lose its power, it is a smart businessman. It hopes that its money will be worth its money. —-Claude hopney’s meeting


3. The heart is small for the things inside to go out, but the original small for the things inside to go through is also fixed, is not from the past. You will never be able to lose, and you will not have to deny the knowledge you have gained from the past. —-Claude hopney’s meeting

4. Nowadays, there are some totally wrong ideas in advertising planning and writing. They are written only to please the sellers, and the customers’ learning is lost in their mind. If a person’s learning heart is to hold a child’s country so as to make a success of this kind of attitude, it should also be taken seriously. The development theory is that face-to-face personnel sales look like paper sales, and it is impossible to sell products and earn money if the water lift can lose its power. —-Claude hopney’s meeting