Hadden, Covington, forward reinforcements

If you go, Hadden, Covington, forward reinforcements, Covington and Tucker, plus an internal support of about 10 million yuan, you can almost sign 20 million yuan. Now, Gordon’s contract is of high quality, and Gordon’s replacement with 5 million yuan is the high-quality interior line. So, if we can find one, it’s still very good. Then we set the standard target on whether the Grizzlies are willing to trade and plan. Xiunas, I don’t think so. Maybe the Grizzlies, too, want to be in the playoffs. Cannavaro Grizzlies have no competitiveness in the playoffs. They need to compete with the Blazers and the Spurs. It’s really the eighth place in the final place. So before the next game, we simply set our own character on this deal for the missile pair, if not. After the second song, deal, then I can’t understand the missile deal. I even think it’s a failure. Of course, giving up this season and in the next season, introducing inside players may be a long-term plan, but I’m short-sighted and I can’t see it at present.

There will be a second deal. Gordon’s top plus a $5 million deal to build a strong inside line, so the Rockets will be able to missile pair, become a complete team, and can really stand against the Lakers and Clippers in the playoffs. Finally, let’s see if the clippers have changed a lot in the last 36 hours

f the 2018 Russia world cup

A total of 78011 people attended the opening match of the 2018 Russia world cup on the spot and took photos in the history of the opening match of the world cup. After the seventh opening match, Saudi Arabia has lost 11 consecutive World Cup matches. After the match,timg (11) there are statistics showing that Saudi Arabia’s control rate of the game is even high. 59 but they didn’t shoot at all. Saudi Arabia, the Regent, has lost 13 headers since it first appeared in the world cup in 1994. It’s estimated that their next step is really to practice high-altitude ball defense, right? Jiajinski’s goal helped, 40 debut records, and jiajinski scored in this world cup, the first foot, shooting right. It can be said that it’s quite efficient. The r98 substitute made it in only 89 seconds. It’s the fastest way to break the goal in the World Cup since 2002. The substitute scored the goal in 64 seconds. It’s the first time that the Russian team’s substitute made the goal in Xiaofu and the bar As a substitute player, scoring goals in the opening game, the replacement of Russian head coach cherchesov can be said to have played a very magical effect. The 38 year old 335 day old Russia started and played for ignashe and Vicki, and became the oldest World Cup player in Russia, including the former Soviet Union.


In the latest FIFA ranking, Saudi Arabia only ranked 67th, while Russia ranked lower, only 70th. Among the top 32 teams participating in the world cup, these two teams were the most naive and ranked the lowest among the 32 teams in the World Cup opener. It can be said that this is also the first time in the history of the world cup. Under such a premise, it is more difficult for Russia to win five goals and create such a wonderful match. Moreover, the five goal victory is the second home of the host country’s premiere in the history of the world cup. The best record was Italy’s 7-1 in the first round in 1934.

Did Picasso really draw better than Raphael when he was 14?

Take a look at Picasso’s 13-year-old and 14-year-old works. By comparison, we can see the results.

In fact, it is obviously exaggerated to say that Picasso + four year old painting is better than Raphael.

This picture is a painting of classical stone sculptures by Picasso when he was 13 years old.




When we look at this picture, we think it’s amazing, and we know more or less in our life – some children from other families have never seen a 13-year-old painting like this.

Carefully analyze this painting. When we draw an object, there should always be light and dark, transition and detail. You should notice that the muscle in this painting is complete and three-dimensional. From the level of detail, it seems that there is dust on the base of the statue.

The shadow of the painting is steady and the anatomy is clear. But the muscle edge of the statue has turning, protruding, light and shade, which is very three-dimensional and powerful.

That is to say, when he was 13 years old, he was able to describe the details of objects with very fine brush.

-Painting is enough to convince people.

But wait. As long as we continue to look in this exhibition hall, we will find a very strange thing. That picture was drawn by Picasso when he was 13 years old, but let’s take a look at it again.

This one was painted by him at the age of 14. It’s very strange that the apparent level of this painting is much lower. It’s a lot rougher.




When we see this picture, we find that it is far from the level of the first sketch.

In the last painting, even the dust on the base of the sculpture seems to be visible. The whole painting is obviously quiet and holy.

But this one, Picasso is looking in the mirror, drawing his own self portrait.

The shadow is scrawled and the lines are thick. It’s not as fine as before. After a close look at the label, we suddenly found that Picasso had finished his painting when he was just 13 years old. Why is Picasso not as good as he used to be when he was 14? Isn’t Picasso’s level receding? Besides, the styles of the two paintings are totally different, and it can hardly be seen that they are of the same level.

Kobe Bryant and magician, who is the first person in Lakers history?

I think either of the two candidates is OK. After all, they are both native “Lakers“. Kobe Bryant, as a successor, should agree with the magician as the first in the history of the Lakers. After all, the black-and-white competition saved the NBA. Magician’s qualification is slightly higher than Kobe Bryant’s in the history of the league, which is one level with the three ancient centers, with a greater probability of occupying a position in the presidential hill. Besides, magician used to be half of Kobe’s teacher. But the magic’s record in the history of the Lakers and the record in the league are not necessarily higher than Kobe’s. in the history of the Lakers, no one has contributed more than Kobe’s.


The magician clearly claims that Kobe is the best in Lakers history, and the magician is not as good as Kobe in defense, data and continuity. In his 20 years of career, Kobe Bryant has brought 5 champions, 7 division champions, and won all the division finals, known as the “king of the west”. He has led the Lakers to meet the Celtics in the two finals, and continued the great duel of the great dynasty. In the past 10 years, he has led the brilliant Lakers to win the seventh in a way that is more iron-blood than the green army, and completed the first total decision in the history of the Lakers Win seven, and face the old enemy Celtic! It’s something the magician hasn’t done that’s very important to the Lakers. Kobe Bryant’s career is 11 times a while, 9 times a defense, and 20 times a lineup. This means that during Kobe’s Lakers period, he almost supported the outside line of the Lakers alone. Payton, 35, and Nash, 40, are the most reliable guard partners that Kobe Bryant has ever worked with. Fox, Ariza, and old Wald Pius are the strongest flanks that Kobe Bryant has ever worked with, compared with Woxi, Cooper Scott these historical generals, magicians or more lucky.