Celtic team used Tatum

One hundred million of our salary, cap, ah, only 60 million in case of a billion, up to 60 million, others a hundred million several hundred million several main lineups, we have 60 million of the main line-up, the Celtic team, ah, two years to eat, kaiwood’s loss of a month’s salary cap Celtic. That’s why the function can’t get worse. We’ve always said that Celtic team doesn’t deal with Hayward’s contract. Yes, it’s hard to improve. This is one of the important or absolute reasons why Owen left the Celtic team. If there is no, Hai, ward, ah, the injury problem, can reach the average level of the jazz, then now there are, Owen, Shanghai, ward Hayward in the jazz, ah, crazy, you can go to see the data and ability, ah, very crazy, Owen Hayward, then I believe that Celtic team used Tatum.


Conclusion if we don’t replace Anthony Davis with double detective, Owen Antony Davis and Shanghai ward can sweep the Eastern Conference, but it’s because of Hayward’s injury problem, right? It can’t return to normal. I believe it will never return to the normal state. 70% or 80% of the time, it is impossible to wait for a 50% discount. Yes, ah, we take good care of the Celtic team. So Owen left the Celtic team. I personally think it is probably because the Celtic team will rise. At least, we have to wait for Hayward’s contract to be fulfilled, at least in the next year. It’s impossible for us to get the contract in the next year or the last year in the fourth year, which has certain educational value. What can we do with the transaction? I don’t believe it can be. Lin Wei’s giants are not necessarily able to succeed. They can only reasonably digest the seagull’s contract, break it into small contracts and arrange them. Therefore, for Durant, it is the same to be able to undertake Durant’s team, which is also the same as other people’s salary cap of 100 million yuan.

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Rumors stop with wise men!

You want this contract to come into effect immediately after July 1 every year. It has been announced to the public. The negotiation between guanxuan and Enron is so easy. Ah, it has been settled in a few seconds. The negotiation is now in progress. In the process, it’s good for Leonard to go down a lot, to get rid of gas, and to go down a little bit. It’s also good for Leonard. It’s also a little bit competitive and pressure. Then I’m still very competitive in this market. Please quote each other. Besides Durant’s injury this year, ah Lian morality is the biggest brand in the league. His going, staying and where to go will directly change the pattern of the league in the next two years and three years, so it is very important. So let’s go and have a look. Today, there is a news report that Anthony Davis, who wants to wear the No. 23 shirt of the Lakers, gives up the No. 23 shirt. What should you do? I can see that up to now, there have been thousands of replies this morning.


Thousands of replies, like in Hubei, the contestants said that James’ EQ is high, very, high, please Anthony Davis, ah, emotional intelligence is high, can be a man, right? Er, I also read reviews, I will read reviews, but, not to the point, at least I did not see.

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Is it you bear or me! Lillard, winner of life!

This year’s champion, Paul, is not worth one hundred million shooting. For the champion, it’s not worth one hundred million. The teams that want to make money in NBA are divided into three kinds of teams. Ah, if three teams want to win the championship, those who want to make money, those who want to earn money don’t want to win the championship. Those who want to win the championship in the second category, the third category and those who want to earn money or G can’t win the championship. If you can’t see the money, it’s the third type. It depends on what kind of boss you are. Ah, Lillard, the pioneers are like this. Lillard wants to make money. Lillard never wants to ask too much, but harden calls it “irrelevance”. Lillard laughs too much. Lillard never needs a team. He doesn’t make any demands, because he gets the highest salary, and has eaten up most of the information of the team, so he can’t get it. So he won’t think about her and dare not ask for it. Why should he ask for it, right? The pioneer? Well, the businessman boss is proficient in business operation.


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Denny green came

After the leaders learned that these players will also have, veteran base salary, stay, but after the leaders did not come, ah, Denny green came, this is an accident, the harvest of other players, they all rise, give a more ideal price.


I, with my friends in the group, say ah, don’t worry. There will be players in the Laker fleet to play. Of the more than 30 million, you must have a way to get out alive. What’s more interesting is that today, 3.5 million Corzine joined the Laker team, now the Laker. Corzine, Anthony Davis, and Rondo, the three of them, are gathering in the Laker team, but one is still missing or landing. The development of this thing is too fast. It’s too much to bear. Cossing, s, can join the Laker team. You can imagine 350. Carmen and the Lakers are not worth it. Last summer, we said, Koshin, ska, fuzzy. The warriors were a very wrong decision. Ah, let’s go to the summer of this year’s Fengqing year to verify our statement. Ah, you didn’t get 20 million last year, right? Two years, 40 million not a year, 20 million don’t want to join the Warriors team. It’s called health preservation. Actually, you want to hold the champion and win the finals. Now the champion has not been won. Nag about this end.

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The clippers and the Rockets

You can see, ah, I think, ah, if a player has chosen one of these three teams all the time, it must be from the perspective of professional players that this team is more capable of competing for the championship. You can have a look, ah, if you don’t know. The clippers and the Rockets, or the strength of the three Laker teams, then you can have a look at igordala’s choice, right? Well, before we said we would like to do a program to talk about the Rockets, um, compare the ability of other champion teams and the odds of winning the playoffs. Well, after that, let’s talk about it on the video program. Let’s shoot the audio program now. Then, the Rockets, the Lakers and the Clippers are leading the competition. In the battle, if these three teams have the ability to compete for the championship, it may be the eastern part of the night.

timg (12)

Let’s not talk about other teams, we don’t say, the scope is too large, there is no discussion about this kind of ability, ah, there is no team, ah, has the news media reported that there is a strong interest in other teams in a big ah, then we put aside the Laker team first, don’t say before ah. Seriously, these reports, these decent reports, ah, up to now, seem to be gone. Let’s put them aside first. Ah, but I personally think that the rockets and the Lakers should be ahead of the Dalai Lama. They should be expelled as the third choice. The Clippers should be able to fall behind one or two ball teams. We have to see, oh, igorda’s final choice must be through, ah, he is a professional player, an active NBA player, and he knows which of the three teams is more capable of competing for the championship? I think the Rockets should be ahead of the Clippers’ Laker team. First of all, if you want to choose between the rockets and the clippers, well, I can only learn from the Rockets. This team has such a complete structure. You and you are now discussing what is the threat of discussion and what negative impact can be brought to the Rockets, right.

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we say that we can play the Rockets to play

Interior player Tyson Chandler is for the Lakers, while cervasha is for the clippers, Paul georgiantad. Of course, these players can’t beat the Lakers, but for the Rockets. At least in this link, it won’t be too bad, because we know that the Rockets team is strong at the point guard or the guard level. Ah, what are harden and Wei Shao? Introduce the qualified rivers in the latter line, including Gordon as a guard.

Found that the above is still very good, ah, he is strong again, ah, ah, this, front line or inside line, right? Now this kind of use, er, can only be said to be enough, ah, other don’t expect too much to withstand it, so . For the good and the bad, it depends on ashless and harden. The performance is bullshit. Ah, the core of the team, the star, the boss and the second don’t play. We still expect other players, right? But we have to say that last season’s Paul played such a poor situation, the Rockets can still achieve.


In the fourth position, although the warriors played in Game 6, harden played a crucial role. Now weishao, after I joined the Laker rockets, I think it is necessary to examine one thing for promotion. It’s not that Wei Shao came to the Rockets to cooperate with harden to win the championship, to win the championship in the finals, rather than to fight for harden. If the situation is really like this, Wei Shao’s coming to the Rockets is a bad thing. I believe harden. His friendship for many years, from his youth, from his early 20’s, to now or before, must be very pure. Ah, so for feelings, Wei Shaohan, I believe it must be, er, love is better than Jin Jian. There is no estrangement between them. So now the main thing is to look at Wei Shao, the elder brother. Ah, I believe there should be such awareness.

Bearing and understanding

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be benefited in every way!

Can you use their cover to create opportunities for you, including James and all kinds of small guards of the Lakers. This is a phenomenon. The second and the third is also the most important. Now the advantage of the Lakers is to play in the playoffs. That’s it, James. Go and watch the ball. James got four points in the first half, six points in three quarters, and 20 points in the whole game. How did James get these points in the first half? He threw four or five balls. Some netizens said, James.


Today, will you break the record of more than 900 double doubles, ah, put this record to the end, right? I’ll discuss it with some fans. That is to say, if you have such an idea, you really don’t know James. You can see his whole playing time, which is also the winning mode of lake people or the Lakers can. Er, there is a situation in this championship level, that is, James ah, in 123 quarters, he doesn’t play much time, or is suppressed in us. Let’s make a statistics, if James is suppressed below 25 points in 123 quarters, the team can still keep a slight lead or draw with the opponent. The Lakers played to the fourth quarter, is very advantageous, because James has enough physical strength, play now, is the general understanding of James’s League, defense James is the wheel turn defense, James is the attrition war on different players to consume James, this is the most direct and most effective ah, played for so many years has been like this. James, there are no shortcomings, its disadvantage is physical disadvantage, the age is too old, right, its potential energy is too big, every time to play in the last fourth quarter, and ah, every ball has passed James, every ball has passed James’s hand, every ball Let James play, it is a great test for him, generally speaking, this situation will play more and more bad in the playoffs.

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warrior fever continues to rise!

Let’s talk about curry. As time goes on, ah, the warriors are not at the peak. What about the NBA cobbler fan group? This fan group is Kuri. As well as the few warriors fans, this group has done some programs about curry about the warriors. There may be some harsh words about the warriors, so it offends the interests of some fans. Therefore, there are few people who pay attention to us. However, with the beginning of this season this year, there are many objective facts. This has to be verified. These fans friends, warriors fans and Curie fans all return to rationality. Right, they have paid attention to our program. Oh, they have raised a lot of questions. Ah, I think it’s a kind of growth, right? Well, when you’re at the peak, when you’re the most watched, right? HMM.

timg (35)

You will lose yourself. Ah, this is human nature, right? Only when you turn back to mediocrity and return to rationality, ah, what other people’s words and expressions may touch and awaken you. Ah, let’s talk about the warriors. How should this year’s component be? Generally speaking, it takes three months. It’s basically healed. So, January 12, even if it’s a little more than February

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The two towers have become an unshakable advantage!

Let’s talk about the two towers of the Lakers. I believe, ah, in the next one or two weeks, if the Lakers can maintain a winning streak or a strong lineup, then I think it’s necessary to discuss the issue of the two towers. Let’s not discuss it. Yes, James leads the team. Now the Laker team wins by the twin towers. It’s very important. James, it’s a fixed output. Put it there. Don’t discuss it. If he doesn’t play well, the Lakers won’t win the championship, but it’s right. We need to discuss the great advantages of the twin towers. This is an unexpected surprise, ah, it’s an unexpected surprise for the Lakers, but we’ve said before, ah, go and see how many sets the Lakers play now, right? Come up and sell baseband to Anthony Davis, Dai James, ah, Anthony Davis of McKee. After James was replaced, Howard spent his time off work in the first quarter.

timg (9)

In the first quarter, later in the second quarter, at the beginning of the fourth quarter, he basically took four small shooters, one with four small shooters to play four heads in a game of the magic team. At present, it seems that this mode is still good, because in the fourth quarter, the Laker team, the fierce pursuit of points, relies on this set of lineups to pursue points. It doesn’t have to be accidental, right? But it’s also his way of playing. At the last moment, ah, Anthony Davis and James, after they all came out, he played double tower Warcraft. Howard didn’t change. Basically, Howard played the last 12 minutes, but he didn’t play in the last two minutes

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Clippers twinkle

Let’s talk about an important game tomorrow is Celtic Team Challenge clippers this ball, I hope he can pay to make sense, return to play Celtic captain has reference value, can’t play suddenly. Now, there are problems. Although he occupies the first place in the East, we have to say that the Celtic team still exists. What’s the problem is that this team is full of bandits. The bandit leaders can’t find it. Now we don’t know who the leader of the team is. Although, make sure Tatum is the core of the team. However, Tatum obvitimg (12)ously didn’t or didn’t have the convincing data to see the leader of the team. Although the beard is growing very long and big now, it seems that it has a tone, but this data is not enough, luxury, then the demoted team will play the playoffs or for a long time if.


The East can occupy a dominant position or, need to have Tatum morning next leader’s flag, then, the opposite clipper team, it is two hooligans, to a gang of bandits, clippers, two hooligans, a gang of bandits to open the team, two teams can do.

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