Did the Lakers really miss out on potential stars?

After the transaction, various ratings, online ratings, and in-depth discussions on the ratings between trading teams, I saw a lot of articles on Huff, ah, yes, yes. Yes, there are some misunderstandings about the rating of the transaction between the Lakers and the clippers, the transaction of the rockets and the 76ers. Well, let’s have a discussion. We can see that the most heated discussion is still about the Lakers. 20% off, this deal, eat with pursed mouth. It’s been very good recently, right? Especially when James was injured. Ah, McGee can’t play. In the case of Rondo and James team, Bartz played very well. Ah, in the last few games, he also cut 20 and nearly won the game. Thanks to the contribution of the mouth, right, that’s it.


Potential, new star, ah, is it a pity that he said so? Well, we have already talked about it before, ah, in-depth discussion, and maybe we talked about it in a hurry. Ah, there are a lot of teams, but there are no details. So we will sort out this matter for the big family. Ha ha, the Laker team, how does it come up with an idea, just like playing chess. We say that playing chess, playing chess and so on. We have some friends. He can only focus on the next step, how to go next, and what’s the long-term point

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O’Neal is so big

I talk about some of these things, ah, all of us, once we talk about the technical issues, once we break away from the rules, then all these discussions are feeble, they are bullshit, I will say. How can you discuss tactics under the premise of bullshit and no rules? There is no comparability between technology and tactics. It is unfair for all players to compare in the same dimension. We only emphasize one point, 1.1 novelty.


As long as you have this skill, you can play all over the league is your advantage. You don’t need to make any changes. Just like Jordan, when he was young, he could fly around in the sky. This is his attack weapon and killing weapon. When he is old and can’t fly, he can develop his backyard. It’s the same with head down and back hitting Kobe, right? You say O’Neal is so big that you ask him to practice three-point, do you need it? Oh, you want you, let him go, cheat three-point. He stands outside the three-point line and throws three-point. He wants to come with a weight of more than 200 Jin, 300 Jin and 330 pounds. Why, ah, he doesn’t sit inside and runs outside to invest. Crazy, right? James, it’s the same. James has a breakthrough. His breakthrough is his killing weapon, but when he’s old, he can’t move. You know, you’re so protruding in every game

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Trail Blazers and lose two games

We have watched this game very interesting. If you haven’t seen it, it’s a pity that you haven’t seen it. In the future, we can do a textbook to talk about it in the last four minutes. Well, the Blazers got eight points in a round, and eight points in a round. I didn’t say, the warriors didn’t have a ball. Throw, the Blazers, run to other people’s half and get eight points back. How does this kind of ball come out? Go and have a look at this ball. Or win, I’m not surprised at all. I think that the pioneers are the sufferers of the warriors after all these years. It’s so beautiful. It’s just a pull. When I meet this warrior team, I burst my watch. It’s like beating chicken blood and taking stimulants. Don’t you remember.


In those years, they won 15 games in a row, and they won 73 in two against 20. The warriors were very powerful. The whole game was a kind of wine. Three points, lively. Driving away the pioneers alive, they worried the warriors to death. Today, the performance was very good. Ah, the pioneers beat the warriors. Anyway, they felt hungry, so don’t feel too surprised. Normal. Of course, the warriors are the best team in the West. Ah, there are no exceptions. Ah, unlike the playoffs, how can the warriors play the Trail Blazers and lose two games even if we lose, right? Four to one is qualified, four to two is disqualification

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Is it a leading role or a supporting role?

Now mirodyc has just come here. There are not a few games yet, so we should focus on the next 20 Nagasaki, but everything.

Only when Lopez and Miluo area are on the court at the same time, we can see how high the attack efficiency is if we can say that if the attack efficiency is very high, we can say that the manager in the East can be said. As well as the eastern championship, the bear team is the only one. Oh, I’ll take a look at it, but it can’t be. It’s easy to attract people’s attention because you play so well. You have such a good set of tactics. Ah, it’s easy to be attacked by opponents in the playoffs. Ah, er, it’s me who predicts in advance. Er, this kind of thing is basically included in the team’s tactical manual, which is definitely a more advanced playing method in the team’s tactical manual, which makes people feel scared. This playing method is not a major secret. Let’s take a look, ah, or to match Mirotic and Lopez at the same time. Ah, well, the Eastern teams are very strong now. They are all, er, exotic teams, which are different from the ordinary teams and other teams in the public opinion League.


Well, yes, ah, this team is bucks. This team is unique in the league. It is different from any other team. So we should focus on the key points. Go to this and understand it. Because the championship of the eastern conference is not very good, it is not very good to understand. Technology.

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the Spurs Duncan spanked David Robinson.

He didn’t play the original set of role, ah, the original set of attack or defense is completely two teams, kabela went down the Rockets play is no forward lineup played another set of tactics, she copied fario, how can he replace. Card, Bella, how to get a punch machine to pull the butt you see, now at the same time two people on the field for a long time, d’antony himself, said today in the tiger flop saw, hit or not in the face who hit who in the face, right? Is that what we say is that the Spurs Duncan spanked David Robinson.


Do you spank the bag? Spank the museum? There are so many centers on the Spurs team, so many centers. One or two 7788 can’t be called. There are so many centers. In the end, Mazda played a dead corner in the last 5 minutes and 8 minutes. Duncan played the No.5 position as the center, right. Or it’s GDP, Ginobili, we say the year of the champion lineup, the years of the champion lineup, right? Um, this, this, this, Michael Finley, and Paris, um, ah, ripple, right? Robert holly. This Ginobili Harper, so many people will change four positions. Let these people all change these four positions. Duncan will never change. The other four people will change Parker. The other few people will change. Right? Play this lineup. Whose substitute do you think Duncan is playing? Duncan give them some. Garbage center Ah Wei first sent to them to play substitutes? The lineup has undergone structural changes to return who’s backup? Capellape’s playing ah, I’m sorry, the punch card of the material distribution is spanked? It’s not a concept at all. His role on the field

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Western playoffs are on the way!

The first round of fighting. The second-hand rim should be to play the Spurs, right? Maybe to play fast-food jazz, the second round of rockets, the West showdown of thunder. I hope it is like this. If we sum up to earn the Raptors, then we can thunder. Introduce each other fight, Durant killed three days, feel the second brother is doing his card ah, this script is better, ha ha, I think it should be such a script, hope that the Raptors will reach the finals, um, looking at someone who supports the Raptors, I hope the Raptors can achieve it.


In this finals stage, the Bucks also need to see how the first round and the second round are. If they play well, we also support it, and then it will become better. If we say that they follow the trend, they will never comment. Well, there must be some personal preferences, but they just represent the support. It doesn’t mean the real strength of this team. What position is the real strength in our hearts? Support management support is another thing. We also support the Spurs to challenge the warriors. Accident and but, ah, you can’t play, but you can’t say much about the list of commodities. You can see that there are teams and players with continuous injuries and incurable diseases. Basically, there are still 20 games left. Sometimes, he has started to rotate.

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the Bucks keep the first

It’s not as fast as it was in the early and middle of the season. Now it’s 38.9 points per game. Well, there are 37 points ahead. I can see that it has dropped to 36.2. If there are not 50 players in the next few games, you can’t reach it. But you don’t want to talk about it. If you want to surpass Jordan or something like that, if you want to lag behind, you can say 37 minutes, 0.8 points, 60 games, then you have to earn how much you have to earn. If you calculate the 60 winning games, 48 points are less than 48 points, 68.48 um, so you say, um. There are 14 games in which each game has to earn 5 points more than 3 7 points, 37 points and 5 points. How many 40 points? It’s too late. It’s too late for you to take good care of them. It’s too late. I personally think that harden is basically in the competition of MVP. As long as the Bucks keep the first record in the league, the alphabet and Kunbo are playing a relatively stable data. Under the new MVP, alphabet song, horror, 90% of the new team may be lower, and 10% is basically unable to be said.


But you can also listen to our tone to confirm that the 10% probability of harden is almost powerless to fight.

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Modern basketball positioning is not clear

While updating the program, we are also watching the game, so now the Pacers play 91-89 against Celtic in three quarters, which is one goal. Ah, it’s quite popular, and it’s similar to our anticipation. I think it’s also necessary to reach the final moment. Well, if the last minute can’t be reached, it’s also about three minutes. Most of the priest walkers are weak in attack and rely on Bogdanovic. The rest depends on defending the Celtic team’s attack, that is, relying on Owen alone, the overall organization is that there are no hands, so close to hofford, how old and strong he can be next year, I don’t know, so the contribution of Celtic team is quite troublesome, you don’t know.


How to build this team? Well, unlike this lone ranger chick, there is a thing whose spray function can be organized, so the team is very well established, very clear, um, an organization structure, and such a team can be a great success. Compared with Tatum, it’s the crazy performance of the first year, the excellent performance. But now, you can see that its quality is like this. Can you cultivate a player who controls the whole situation? Not necessarily

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Durant came in the next two seasons

Kuri’s 73 win is the best record in history. So it’s a logical thing for me to be on the stage of history and play forbidden areas. It’s also a matter of course for me to step forward on the basis of the top ten in history on the basis of the tenth. Ah, it’s a little hard to talk about. I can’t drink a mouthful of water. So, if I didn’t win the championship in the second season, the historical opportunity would have been lost after Durant came in the next two seasons. All the flowers, honors, applause, we didn’t say that Durant ended up there, but it was also distributed by the average Xi Shi. Well, for curry, history is also a comparison. It’s a pity that this kind of tragic hero ah, if there is no Durant.


If 1516 is a successful season, curry will surely leave a strong mark in history, and it will be remembered by future generations of history for a long, long and long period of time. Therefore, our comments on historical superstars are all. In this program and last program, how much do you think your superstar can play.

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There is no player

The world’s best performance will be mentioned before the broadcast and before the start of the games. The best performance of the Olympic Games is who, who, in which year and how much to maintain. The most important world record represents the best in the world.


Almost all the records are heavy or not. Ah, through this matter, you know that it’s not important to remember the weight? There is no operation without record in hand. What can you boast about? What do you blow with hunger? So we said, ah, there is no record in Kobe’s hand. You can go there. I can go and look at the best. Even if you are in the team, you are the second. Why is there Chamberlain? Because there is Zhang Shuai. So we can go and have a look. Today, the market has risen and come out again. There is no player. It has reached a new height. These historical old people, these ancient animals, come out and yell. Wei Shao, today, 20 plus 210 rebounds and 21 assists. I remember correctly, this is the first person in 20 + 20 + 20 51 years. What is the first person in 51 years? It’s not the first person in more than 70 years. Why ha ha? Because the one with Chamberlain can’t come out. The first person in 51 years is another person in 50 years, isn’t he.

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