Under the situation that the previous mutual achievements are equal

Ahead of time, meet with the warriors, so that the warriors can fight for opportunities and time for the Rockets in the war of attrition and the war of attrition in the playoffs. This is very important. Now, don’t worry. Thunder may go to the eighth episode.

Well, er, I haven’t calculated this, because, er, I haven’t studied the situation that the annual competition system has been changed in the past two years, so I just judge by common sense. Under the situation that the previous mutual achievements are equal, it’s possible for the thunder team to judge who is in the front and who is in the back. Tonight’s news, there may be many, ah, foreign media reported that there is an accurate answer, so the domestic media, for translation, ha, very low.

You know, for this kind of translation, it’s very, very low that they don’t have the ability to read the manual, just copy it outside. So our domestic soldiers don’t have the same quality. They don’t have professional quality. Some friends ask us if you have personal professional quality. Right? We don’t have this meal. If we have this meal, we will give it to you.

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The Clippers also played the playoffs inexplicably

It’s no use how to build a super strong team. Right? It’s the super strong team’s attribute. It’s the unexpected accident. Let’s talk about it. The Clippers also played the playoffs inexplicably. Ah, there is no hatred between the clippers and the warriors. Ah, there is no hatred between the clippers and the warriors. It can not inspire these young players’ determination to kill the warriors.

The vice team is the defending champion. This kind of strength is powerful. It’s not just that they play well one game at a time. Ah, the warriors, as long as they succeed in the early stage, they can kill the clippers and the light spots. Of course, the express team, curry, seems to be sick now. It’s said that this branch is really anyway. Cole has a lot of cards in his hand, right?

He also knows his team’s absolute strength. If he doesn’t play in the first round, he did the same thing in the first two years, right? He did the same thing in the first two years. If he doesn’t play two games in the second round, right? If he plays in the third game, maybe he will give the Clippers a little chance to give him a quick pass.

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We say that a ball may be arranged according to the established tactics

Cool is that the Spurs and determination are both polychlorinated troops. The Spurs are disciplined troops. They have very strong colors. Then they have very, strong colors.

Well, they play according to tactics. We say that a ball may be arranged according to the established tactics. This kind of round may not be able to arrive. No, 30, a better team is in 30%, a team like the Spurs, ah, it may be close to 40% or even higher. Well, a lot of balls are played according to the established tactics. When to play, what to learn, right? Mechanized troops, computer programming programmers, Popovich. Ah, not with me.

That’s why you want to play routine with the Spurs. But we’ve talked about it in our previous program. Yesterday’s program said it was decided. Even the routine team also plays routine. So it’s hard to have an advantage when you meet the Spurs. The next game is very, very important, that is to say, when Bai said that he was 2-0 behind, his determination can basically declare the end of this season. This season will be black seven. Why do you say that? We don’t talk about other teams and other players. We don’t talk about other coaches and we don’t talk about the crisis step by step.

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We can wait and see how the warriors can achieve

That is to say, there is no way to get rid of the resurrection and return, but in the case of high probability, how much can Durant’s ability be achieved after paying? How much is the gap between this ability and Durant’s peak? This is a matter of probability, so it can be achieved according to the general prediction.

I personally think it’s very good to achieve 78 success, and I can look forward to it, because Durant’s upper limit is very high, he himself is very excellent, even if there is a 78% high-density, um, playing in the playoffs, um, Thompson and curry. It’s right or quite competitive. Of course, it’s also possible to point to Durant’s recovery. It’s not as good as expected. It’s a devastating blow to the warriors.

Of course, we don’t want to see such a situation happen, but if it does happen, you should recognize it. We also have to accept the reality. So, ah, the 20-21 season can start from the 19-20 season. We can wait and see. Ah, we can wait and see how the warriors can achieve without Durant and Thomson. It’s directly for him.

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