This is serious or even more cautious

When Owen plays hard in the playoffs, do you know how much time you need to play for James. Ah, in the first finals, ah, also, er, I was injured. I didn’t finish the game. I remember that James was the only one to pull it to 2-1. At last, he was defeated by the dead five. So I had a lesson from the past. I added Cantonese to Owen’s use.

This, this, this is serious or even more cautious. So you see last season, Owen worked hard, didn’t hurt, worked hard, right? The pronunciation problem, worked hard, made Owen look like this. You said we should be a superstar.

First of all, Putonghua requires personal ability and physical fitness, right? It must be dirty resistant, right? Your body should be hard enough, you should be strong enough, you should be tender enough, and your tolerance should be good enough. So far, at this stage, if Celtic team this year.

Let’s see what other changes there are

You can objectively analyze it, right? For the Rockets, the cycle is obviously embarrassing. It’s not in the future construction plan, so it’s obvious that you can pull out the cycle materials, let go, join another team and go back home. It’s also a good thing for his career.

Well, practice again, and then go back to the second palace, right? If you can be familiar with it, you still need to arm yourself. Well, if you’re not strong enough, others won’t expect anything from you. When it comes to the second point, the action of the Rockets, layoffs, savings, the first and second special positions, let’s see what other changes there are. Ah, I think the rockets and Morey still have backers. It’s impossible to follow them.

Now this lineup, to play, ah, since the Rockets signed harden, Dahe signed, Paul, and kabela, there must be ideas, not in order to put bad, ah, Paul such a big contract, according to my explanation, there are not many teams to eat.

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The little brother rushed in and snapped

The little brother rushed in and snapped. In a few steps, it was finished. Right? Those big brothers had been beaten before they had time to turn around. So it’s almost one thing for modern basketball to play in this position.

Then there were comments two days ago. It’s a paragraph about curry. Lei Feng, I have to say that a friend left a message saying that curry has changed the playing style of an era. We don’t agree with this thing. We even have the smell of sniffing. To correct these netizens’ opinions, some players or NBA stars should not win too high. If you climb high, you will fall down. Ah, what does it mean that a player can change an era and change the way he plays?

Without this event, it’s not Ke who plays small ball now. It’s not Cole who plays the role of curry. If the whole league is a warrior now. It can’t be called an era if other teams don’t follow suit or don’t realize it. We can only say that curry and Cole are the leaders of this era. We can’t say that they can play. Their playing style leads an era and changes an era. This is a little bit of a saying.

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The statement said that the view was released that the Raptors

Discuss with you the recent situation of the Raptors. So we know that there are people who have been suspended in these competitions recently. Well, this is not Didier Leung, green, Lori, etc. after that, it seems that there are 7788 people who have been suspended because of illness or injury. We don’t know whether the rest is intended or there are injuries.

Well, it’s still a shot. What about the main ruse of NASS? But from this game, we can see that the Raptors are even the main team. If there is a rotation, the fighters are also very brilliant.

The first achievement in the first East of this league, eh, is quite good. Well, it combines two things. Because there is a fan, I leave a message to us and say, “why is Christmas War? The Dragon Team teacher is not. The second one is not. Today, I saw a report in the newspaper. This is fake. Published, this, the statement said that the view was released that the Raptors didn’t play Christmas War this year. It was very unexpected. Well, I don’t know how to evaluate it.

Well, I didn’t know how to evaluate it. I didn’t see it on the tiger pounce. Remember that there was a friend two days ago. This one has a netizen. This is a kind of irony that we are, the porter of tiger pout. Ah, I want to ask what we carry, which content we carry, who says money or who says it, who is wrong after that?

Who carries the content? I don’t want to tell you that this is, uh, the tiger pounce. Ah, Wade, I don’t know who wrote it. I don’t know who wrote it. I think it’s very bad. Christmas War is a thing that has come out since the beginning of the season. How can you know that the Raptors will play first in the East.

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It’s possible to go to the Celtics

So, Hayward is a negative asset for Celtic, unless Celtic. If you can reach the eastern championship, play to the finals and win the championship, then any investment is worth it. Well, some friends also said, well, some fans said that Celtic team is going to trade Owen. I think it may be crazy. This guy is crazy.

He said that before, he had this, er, almost right. He wanted to trade Anthony Davis or something. He went to the Lakers or the Celtics. Some friends said that he would watch the media, especially for me. I think it’s possible to go to the Celtics.

There are also some. Ah, it’s not that there is no one. But, who will fight? In daveny’s words, he’s crazy. He’s really crazy. If you change Owen to Anthony Davis in the past, can you just start this team to win the championship? You don’t know Owen’s efforts now, but he’s just trying to win the championship.

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The euro does not need the ball right to match James

How big I am, so James, how much Owen has been, has been reflected, so we can predict how high his level can have a positioning Thompson if can be taken down by the Lakers, there are two advantages and the first great good, Thomson. The euro does not need the ball right to match James completely. On the contrary, it is different from Owen. Owen needs nine ball rights for James.

So we know that if the ball is distributed in James’ hands, the threat is the biggest, so to reduce James’ this kind of power. The pressure of controlling the ball or physical consumption, give Owen more single time to solve. James, physical, the problem is not to be done, then it is also Owen’s hit rate, it is enough, high singles level is also very high, ah, but if James control the ball can be at the lowest cost.

No, right. You have to do singles. You must take it. Physical strength is necessary. If you don’t control the ball and distribute the ball, it will be less physical consumption. Plus Thomson is a non ball running player. Right, you can just run to the end of James and Thomson can throw the ball in.

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The thunder team will still be the champion

God, this is a very important team. If you are afraid of internal combat, it is green. We say it is isolation. Green must be trying to give him a breath for the contract or to say yes. It is not right for them in the early stage because we know that the relationship between the three is very iron triangle.

Right, mutual achievement, mutual, well, this cooperative battle they must be an interest group, so, well, start from green. If green, er, this clamor Durant to fight Durant, Durant will not be happy. I like it, it is possible to go, but you don’t have to go to the Lakers. Right. If you go to any team, if you go to Celtic, the Celtic will be the champion.

The dragon, the magic king is the champion. In the case of Leonard, you will go to the rockets and the champion will come back to the thunder team. The thunder team will still be the champion. It’s absolutely right. Now, which team in Durant county is going to be the champion team. Of course we will point to these teams. But the eagles can’t, right. It’s not good to go to the sun.

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It’s just playing this set of lineups

Don’t go down and put down the position, right? It seems that the rocket was well, what kind of lineup the sun played in sadmar, then it was the comparison between the two groups: lagarbarbabossamarion, ER and DIO adio. That’s your warriors office.

Maria doesn’t say much. Ah, almost. It’s just playing this set of lineups. It’s unreasonable. He plays fast, flies, runs around and he runs and goes on. So de Anthony is a strange man. It’s a strange team. Which three back Paul Hardon Gordon played three back back, the super small and super small dudkavalia only used this kind of crazy attack with you. Last season, it was not enough. This season, the attack, er, is all measured. We may see the whole part.

Understand, the higher the basketball is, the shorter the game is, right, but you can win. You can’t throw out three points. OK, now we see 24-14 pairs. The Rockets are crazy about three points. It’s very accurate. Right? It seems that the top of the question bank is not really affordable. What we say.

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It’s right to practice the strength of lower limbs and upper limbs quickly

Shaquille O’Neal was also very tall in the NBA at that time. 2.1 meters must be very tall. He was also outstanding in weight and height. However, when he met Yao Ming who was higher than him, he was unprepared, right?

He was blocked by Yao Ming continuously, but Yao Ming’s weight was still very small at that time. Ah, it’s not as big as the weight of respect. It’s right to practice the strength of lower limbs and upper limbs quickly. Once Yao Ming has weight, he will be beaten after he can occupy the first position. But when he meets O’Neal, he can’t move, and he also needs to use shooting technology to indulge himself. To defeat O’Neill is the same as now, um, Peter.

Do you think, um, Peter has to impress cousins? Cousins is so big, so heavy, so big, right, but Peter obviously has no advantage in physique. Why do you use your own body to carry your body when you don’t have an advantage? You must use it. Technology uses your, er, strengths to attack the opponent’s weaknesses. Attacking corsin’s movement speed is slow. Now corsin’s body is obviously fat because of the injury during this period of time. It’s a lot of bloated feeling. I hope we can pass 30 games.

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It’s similar to the habit of hip-hop and basketball

It’s not good-looking. I can’t help it. Don’t blame him, right? It’s basketball culture. What’s culture? This kind of thing is habit. Well, culture is a habit of life. It’s similar to the habit of hip-hop and basketball. It’s like what’s African American culture?

Very African American culture is tattoo and tattooed hip-hop. Run and rap, ah, these are the things, right? Do you think white people do these things? They don’t do these things, but when they need white people to do these things, you will find it strange, right? Well, why don’t those old fans like these? The warriors and so on? Right? There are too many young fans who don’t know basketball at all. He just thinks these basketball. There was no element of basketball at that time, right? So there was a process to contact with new things, right?

So the opposition between old fans and superstar fans was also a normal phenomenon. It seemed to be a normal phenomenon. Well, it’s very normal. It’s very strange, but from the perspective of development, well, I personally think there is no confrontation in basketball. You just say that there is no competition or sport, right? There is no confrontation in basketball with physical contact, right?

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