Reflective Heat Transfer Sticker



Holographic heat transfer vinyl gene is reflective, which makes the printed pattern bright and can add high value-added for clothes to obtain vivid patterns and bright colors.


Film thickness:180

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This is a kind of luminous sticker. We mainly provide silver materials. Of course, if you want more colors, you can contact us to make them. We make them in any size, shape and color.This kind of stickers, like lights, will shine in the dark. They are fun, fashionable and practical. They can be used as decorations for concert costumes and daily clothes.

This kind of sticker, no matter in the daytime or at night, can reflect the light. It’s very cool to iron in clothes, shoes, hats, etc. It’s very suitable for young people, and also for public nightwear at night, beautiful and used.Sticker life can be as long as 3-4 years, usually can be washed. The company also has a professional design team to provide you with pattern design and reference. You can design by yourself or let us help you design. Just provide us with your ideas.